Feeling Safe!

After tending to my granddaughter this morning, my spiritual guides started talking about feeling safe. I started recapping my outing last night and waking up with my granddaughter. I went to a bar to hear a band that my friends are in. I went alone, sat at a high top and felt very safe. I travel alone, and I feel safe. I know when I get on a plane it will go up as it should and land how it should. I have no problem being alone because I know that I am Not alone at all. I have 4 Divine Beings (read my earlier Blog - Star of David: Divine Energy from the Void) and my spiritual band of allies with me. I know in my mind, heart and soul I am Safe. My granddaughter last night and this morning at

Placerville, CA Wine Country/Hangtown

Journeyed to Another Town That Was Stuck! My journey started on a Friday morning. I was in wine country and really want to go to a vineyard. The brochure in the Airbnb said vineyard open 11-5. I was excited to see new country. Starting from Shingles Springs I took route north east following Google Map. It only took 20 minutes and there was the vineyard with a huge sign that said, ‘Wine Tasting by Appointment Only”. I was completely beside myself, where do I go from here? Google “Vineyard near me,” Google told me that there was one next door and it opened at 10am. I was elated that it was so close and opened sooner. I arrived and the grapes where full on the vine. Beautiful! I was the first o

Sat. Morning Fiasco!

I was sitting at my computer this morning and I wrote an awesome post and when I posted it n FB, it said that it had an error. I could not see it anywhere. I am completely beside myself and then I remembered I heard “write a Blog”! before I even wrote the Post. If I wrote that post in word.doc like I always do for a blog I would not have lost it. I really need to LISTEN better!! This blog is close to my post. I do feel my post was awesome and it took only 10 minutes to do. Now I need to fight off my anger (non-divine energy) to write this. Breathe!! Half way through writing this Blog, I stopped and did my exercise that I want you to try below! I felt a ton better after doing this exercise

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