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Autism – A Higher Energetic Person

Yesterday I went to lunch and witnessed an Autistic boy that was attached to a harness. The power struggle between mother and son was intense to say the least. And the way she was handling her son was like a dog that she could not control. As I laid in bed this morning, I finally realized it wasn’t me that was saying I am being treated like a dog, it was the young boy about 7 that was saying it in his head. I quickly grounded his soul into his body and his body to the ground. She didn’t talk to the boy; she was begging the boy to behave like you would do to a dog that you have been trying to train and had given up.

I approached her and told her; he is acting like this because you are showing him disrespect. And her response was he always disrespects me. For this woman she wasn’t trying to understand why he did not want to be in the restaurant, it was about him disrespecting her. He came over close to my table and I kept hearing, “I am not a dog”. My ego got in the way, I really thought I was saying that. I have to say, I am out of practice hearing Autistic children’s thoughts. He came right next to me crawling on the ground to get close to me while she was holding him so tight and begging him not to lay down.

I finally said, “you are not going to get your son to do what you want to by holding on to the harness. Let him go and see what he does.” She actually listened to me and let go. He got up, walked to the table, almost sat down, however he didn’t do it fast enough for her so she told him what to do. If she waited a couple more seconds to see what he was going to do, he would have sat down. The child walked away from the table and walked to the main door to go outside. They ended up outside. She let go for a moment with her control; however, could not keep her mouth shut to see if he would sit down by himself.

How many people do you know want to be told what to do every second of every day?

Truth about Autistic people:

· They are highly sensitive to all energy!

· They cannot handle more than 3 people’s energy at one time.

· They are highly intelligent.

· They are telepathic, meaning they speak with their mind not their mouth.

· Their body is painful to them due to the human physical body is at a lower vibration.

· If anyone is highly unbalanced that is around the autistic person, the autistic person will act out to try to rid themselves of the energy that they are feeling.

· Using a harsh tone, yelling, screaming and disrespecting in any manner will lead them to act out and not do what is asked of them.

· The fact that most humans cannot hear them talking with their mind causing them to have less respect towards them.

· If you medicate them, they will be less themselves and will not be able to function as well as if you didn’t medicate them.

Autistic people are vibrating at a very high rate.

We are all Energetic people!

If you don’t understand energy, Email Divine Energy Management and we can talk about it!!


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