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    Cleansing of Property:

    Cate Brandt was invited into our home to clear the house and property of the negative energies we felt around us. As Cate walked around the house, I could hear her coughing while going from room to room. On walking the property, she cleared the barn, which at times, felt depressive and uncomfortable. Thankfully the house, barn and property have been transformed to a peaceful and positive place to live

    MKP Tucson, AZ

    Entity Removal from a Distance:

    I would like to write a letter of appreciation and recommendation for Cate Brandt. Cate came highly recommended for her expert skills in entity removal. I was informed she is one of the best in the field. When I first spoke to Cate, I felt a sense of immediate relief. I could tell she was already working on me, and I could sense how tough she is with the beings she removes. Once they are gone, they are gone.

    Woman in Georgia

    Cleansing a Client and Home from a Distance:

    As an energy worker, I had a client that was stuck. She had a pattern of picking up energy from others that was causing her much distress and she reported it was disturbing her life. After years of working with her, I referred her to Cate.  After one session with Cate, my client reached out to thank me, saying she now feels “normal” again and has her life back.  Cate is amazing.

    LC, Sierra Vista

    Alignment of Chakras from a Distance:

    I have been doing business with Cate for 6 years now. She has helped me with many different things including helping me become a better person, helping align my chakras and being in-tuned with spirit. I recommend her for all needs.

    Thank you Cate! AM, AZ


    Cleansing of Family and Home in Person: 

    I've been having sessions with Cate for about 3 years now. I wasn't sure what to expect from our first session but I was AMAZED after. She cleansed my home and gave me New Charkras, making me feel like a completely new person. I felt like I could take on the world! Through her books and our sessions together I have become a more spiritual person helping me to have a better understanding of what's going on in the world and knowing that Mother and Father God and the Archangels are by my side to help me. I have Cate cleanse me and my daughter and my home about every 4-6 months and if there's something just not feeling right, Non-Divine energy attached to us, I can contact Cate to come clear or do a distance cleansing for us. I Always notice a Change after it's been done. I've recommended her to numerous people and will continue to do so. AG-Arizona




    I have known Cate for a few years and she has helped me in so many ways. Her abilities have had a huge impact in my life. She is knowledgeable and is such a kind person. Cate is very Special. 

    JF, Oregon

    Lost Soul Reconnection to Source:

    I was referred to Cate by several family members. I was desperate to help a loved one who I felt was lost. I needed to know if he was ok. 16 years of feeling him with me, worried for him and feeling connected to him, Cate helped me right away and showed him the way to Peace. She also fixed my chakras. I feel extremely relieved, emotional and at Peace.

    Thank you Cate!


    Spiritual Teacher, Healer!

    I’ve known Cate for lifetimes it seems. Through a hug roller coaster of a time in those years, she’s been a shining star, a key piece of my personal development. When I need something to go a certain way I reach out to Cate; always. Not for silly or small things, I mean like my dog had 4 tumors and when they were removed his spleen ruptured and he almost died! I called Cate, and through her energy work I’m convinced that she helped heal him! He recovered fully and within several weeks he was playing with his friends again; he was 12 at the time and some years earlier had literally saved my life. Today he is 15 years old and still lays at our feet this moment, and still chases his much younger brother around playfully. So yea, I call Cate when I NEED, beyond a shadow of a doubt, for something to go a certain way, she’s a master.

    RG, ID

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