Star of David:Divine Energy From the Void.

I have continued to work with all 4 of our Creators, Sige, Peter, Sofia and Abba. I now refer to them in prayer as the 4, my intention is that I am asking all 4 for of them to respond. In meditation, Peter told me that the symbols that are used in Reiki and the Star of David came out of the Void and that He was the one that gave us the symbols to use. I have worked with the Star of David for years. I put the Star of David on door and windows for protection when I cleansed homes. After years of doing that I decided that I could place the Sta r of David over the home and ask Sofia and Abba to shine their light through the symbol. I did not understand why their divine energy was magnified 1000

Morning Affirmations

Sofia (Mother God), Abba (Father God), Peter & Sige (live in the void where it all began) (Me) Good morning! Will you please help me with writing affirmations . Answer from them: Of Course! First: Sit and Say: Please remove all non-divine energy out of my aura. Second: Get in a place of passion. Think and feel Divine Love Energy flowing. Third: Ask for us to be present while saying the affirmations. Affirmations I received: Dearest Sofia please help me connect with your energy flow to manifest my desires. List Desires: (mine are below) -Being of service to people that want to connect with Divine source energy. -Working at Miraval to help people with grief, addiction or anything else that is

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