Suicide (My View Point)

Suicide: Releasing the Soul from the Physical Body by means of taking of One’s Life. When a person is experiencing PAIN that is in the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual body, the answer is too take of one’s life to stop this pain from continuing, releasing from the physical, releasing from the day to day pain that they feel. When one takes their own life, it is not the Divine Plan of Mother/Father God to do this. The person’s ego is running the show. Pain is simply blocked Divine Energy. This pain can be so severe that one ends’ their life to be come connected to Divine Energy “faster”. When suicide is thought about this person truly does not feel connected to Mother/Father God – sou

Time for Action

I have talked a lot about Faith; however, not about trust. Trust in Mother/Father God is the next step passed faith. You believe that They are there, however we keep the control. Our human mind fights us about our faith enough that we do not advance to Trust and with that trust the next step is Action. I myself am fighting action. I hear Them loud and clear these days. It is great to be able to hear as well as I do. However, my actions are not in the right direction. I continue to drive to a place of work that does me no favors on progressing on my spiritual journey. In fact it keeps me occupied in the wrong direction. My oracle card readings have told me it is time again to take the Leap o

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