Listen to your Heart!

I grew up without a father figure in the house and because of this I looked up to the men that were around me. As I have grown, I realize we all have our faults, our short comings. My biological father I knew was not the role model for a stable man. My step father lived in fear most of the time. Fear of not having enough money; he grew up in the depression. My Grandfather was in a wheel chair when I was going up. He was a fire fighter made Capt. and he fell head first done a couple flights of stairs. He was dependent on his wife for the last 20 years of his life. Even though he was dependent, he had a sense of strength about him. My Grandfather and Grandmother were my role models for love a

Free Radicals

I read an email that today’s lesson at the church that I used to go at is talking about Worry today. Worry is a funny thing. My mother worried about her children all the time. She only wanted the best for us and put us first in her mind. This worry that she had for us lead to Dis-ease in her body. Worry is a tricky emotion. It leads to an unrest in the body. As stated in the Medical News Today article: How do free radicals affect the body? Last reviewed Sat 29 July 2017 By Zawn Villines Although free radicals are produced naturally in the body, lifestyle factors can accelerate their production. Those include: exposure to toxic chemicals, such as pesticides and air pollution smoking alcohol f

Easter, Time for Forgiveness!

Many many moons ago Father God (Abba) forgave the human race, earth beings, the people who occupy the planet earth. Unconditional LOVE was what Abba promised. Jesua (Jesus) had a message after visiting Father God which was to LOVE Everyone who came across our path. Love is a verb, the act of responding with Divine unconditional energy to help the Divine Energy in others to come out and be expressed and felt. When you experience a heart felt hug, it warms your heart. You know that the person cares for your well-being, your Divine Well-being. In order for us to feel the LOVE, we much first have our hearts open. Forgiveness opens our heart to LOVE. We much LET Go of the hurt and pain someone or

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