Could We Ever Have Heaven on Earth?

Heaven is made up of only Divine Energy. Could it be possible here on Earth to have only Divine Energy? My feeling is that it could, however, I will not see it in my life time. The Lord’s Prayer is asking for more Divine Energy to be present here on earth; however, I get the feeling that when we Pray and speak the Lord’s Prayer not everyone is understanding what they are asking for. Thy kingdom come Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Thy will be done: I am only seeking God’s Will, I am only accepting God’s will. Thy will be done on this planet as it is in Heaven. I want to live through God’s Will because God knows best for us. Please let Earth be God’s Kingdom as well as Heaven! T

Activation: Armor of God

The other morning, I decided to channel Mother/Father God; it is a form of mediation for me. And was told: “Now is the time to activate armor and strengthen the armor of the light forces so that they survive. You listened and you are going to do that for R. (a client of mine who has sensitive children). Now is the time to write about how to strengthen the parents of the light forces so that their children survive. The kids will become attacked even more now. You must educate the adults.” This is R’s response after Activation. “When Cate said she was going to activate my God Armor I really wasn’t quite sure what she meant. The more she explained it the more I understood and accepted that thi

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