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Sat. Morning Fiasco!

I was sitting at my computer this morning and I wrote an awesome post and when I posted it n FB, it said that it had an error. I could not see it anywhere. I am completely beside myself and then I remembered I heard “write a Blog”! before I even wrote the Post. If I wrote that post in word.doc like I always do for a blog I would not have lost it. I really need to LISTEN better!!

This blog is close to my post. I do feel my post was awesome and it took only 10 minutes to do. Now I need to fight off my anger (non-divine energy) to write this. Breathe!!

Half way through writing this Blog, I stopped and did my exercise that I want you to try below!

I felt a ton better after doing this exercise and I finished this blog!

Are you feeling the Divine Flow?

Stand up and put your hands straight out. Say at least 12 times “I am Divine White Light”. Repeat it quickly without pausing. Best to say it out loud. You will start feeling an energy flow out of your hands. Do not be surprised if you start coughing. The coughing is the release of the non-divine energy that was hiding within you.

I have put this exercise in my routine with my clients before I work on them so that they can see that they themselves can feel their divine energy on their own. It is very empowering for people to be able to heal themselves with the Divine Energy that they hold within themselves.

I recommend that this is done twice a day. You will feel a shift in your mental, emotional and spiritual body. When we become stronger in our three bodies, our physical body will experience less pain. When we become balance in all 4 bodies we become stout, we have more boundaries, more compassion for others, and we are more creative in our thoughts. We are unstoppable! Love is now flowing through us and our minds becomes clear!

We are made of Divine White Light first and coming to this planet, we are a human form.

Let us Proclaim who we are Divine White Light and see how our world shifts into a positive, loving place that we Enjoy!

Please Like and Share this Blog with others so that we have more of us proclaiming what we truly are!

Visit more pages on my website to read more about Divine Energy, check out my other blogs, and check out my services: Reiki Sessions for balance, Retainer Service to text me 10 times to clear the energy around you, Activation of your Armor of God to feel the Divine flow 24/7 and be able to use your sword to transform non-divine energy into divine energy.

God Bless,


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