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Good News!

My Uncle passed away in March; we had his Celebration of Life at the end of this June in MI. Weather couldn’t have been any better. There wasn’t even smoke from Canada that weekend.

My Uncle was a Presbyterian Minister and tried extremely hard in his sermons to make the congregation laugh and for them to understand the Biblical stories. His sermons were always relevant for our present time.

I asked his wife while in MI if he had any sermons that he kept. She came up from the basement with a handful. I have been reading these sermons that were written in the summer of 1993. He had at least 3 or 4 points that he preached about within one sermon.

The Sermon I picked today was titled, “How Are We to Know?” At first, he talks about Faith in Christ and then finishes with if one is not taught about Christ, how are they to know about Christ. In the middle of his sermon is a popular story from the bible. The sermon has twists and turns in it until the point of sermon is given. “The Apostle Paul quoted the prophet Isaiah who said, “How beautiful are the feet of those who proclaim the good news!”. Feet and lips, confession, and action. One without the other ends in failure. When we are sharing the good news with our lips our feet are beautiful, because our feet got us to the place where we can share the news of Jesus Christ.”

The Presbyterian belief teaches about the Good News. The time after Christ was on the cross, the time of Good News. The news that we are all one with God always and forever no matter our beliefs, our actions, or our lack of Faith. Good News tells us that we are “saved”; no longer separated from God. Every human on planet Earth is saved and will be joined in Heaven (a Divine Realm) with God and everyone else. In Heaven there is no negative ego, only Divine Energy. Although if one has Faith in God (Mother/Father) life is so much easier and simple. One thing that we are all learning about is this negative ego and how it does separate us from this beautiful Divine Energy. One key factor with this is our ability to discern.

Discernment is not taught in religious belief, which is weird due to the fact, if you look up Discernment the first thing that pops up is Spiritual Discernment. The ability to understand who is talking in our head and release what is not our Divine Truth. All of us have our own Divine Truth and the art of listening to our soul instead of this negative ego takes practice and time. Our fears and doubts and lack of empathy are from this negative ego. Faith straightens our ability to discern. Our soul is created of Divine Energy, therefore having divine energy around due to our faith helps.

The path of Faith has its ups and downs, and twists and turns like a roller coaster ride. At the end of this ride is Peace. My Uncle spoke at my mother’s funeral and spoke about the roller coaster ride of life. The issue isn’t about the ride, it's about keeping the Faith of God with you on this ride. If you think of a roller coaster, some people want to get off in the middle because it is too scary (fear); however, they cannot get off because the ride has not stopped for them to get off safely. Being on a ride at the fair, these people do understand that is roller coaster has an end to it. However, in the roller coaster of life people for those not connected to God (the Divine) and are not living with Divine Faith never see the end. And unfortunately, they create their own end to the ride.

While being on the roller coaster of life living in Faith of a higher Divine power, there will be moments of rest and peace. This rest and peace that is given lets us have the strength to carry on with our life which in itself is Good News!

If you are in need of help with the connection with the Divine Realm, reach out, or read one of my books that you can find on my website.


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