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3 Things Humans Need to Know to Thrive!

As I was walking this morning, a song kept coming into mind, “I know a few things a man needs to know”, country song. Then 3 things that I have been introduced to for some time came to mind, 1) Live in the “Now” 2) Keep Centered and Grounded 3) Hydrate.

Being a Spiritual Healer/Counselor, I was given 3 techniques to accomplish all 3 of the things listed above.

These techniques are easy to execute, however they need to be executed daily. Persistence is one of the keys to become attached to your spiritual journey. At times I am drawing this card from an oracle deck to remind me that being connected to the Divine takes’ persistence. Continual execution gets you closer to your divine being which gets you closer to “The Divine” existence that resides on this planet.

1) Live in the Now

In the Now one’s thoughts can manifest into reality. Only in the Now time frame does this occur. Here on this planet, we have set time as our controlling mechanism. We have a yesterday, today, and tomorrow, when in fact, there is no time or space. This mechanism we put in place to function daily has put us in a mind and emotion state that keeps false beliefs within us. Our history is repeated instead of a learning tool that we improve upon. Why does his happen? Our mental and emotional body reacts the same way after hearing or seeing an event occur.

We remember 9/11. Everyone has their own memory of the day, however there is a global memory of terrorism, a very violent act that killed a lot of innocent people including children. Anger, fear, and the thought that this may happen again comes into our minds. Sadness is present for all the lives that were lost. All these emotions and thoughts are not of the divine. Compassion, kindness, grace, mercy, gratefulness these are of the divine. We tend to think of the non-divine aspects of the event, human nature some call it, I call it not being connected to the divine. I am sure there were those that either their child got sick that day and they stayed home to take care of them, and those that got the gut feeling “don’t go to work”. Those people should be expressing their gratefulness to the divine. I am sure some people that were not involved felt guilt instead. Guilt is another non-divine emotion, that is hard to get over. The point I am trying to make is that we are not feeling (emotional body) enough compassion, gratefulness, grace on 9/11. Of course, there is some, the key is how do we not let that fear and anger come in as well.

Our history has mental and emotional energy that can weigh very heavy. Thankfully I was shown how to release this energy and by releasing this, the feeling of being grounded in the Now time frame is strong and powerful. To establish the feeling of empowerment plays a huge part of living the life of valor that “The Divine” want us in all the time. Life of Valor Eternal (LOVE) is what will put this planet into a Divine State of Being. Valor, we need to become spiritual warriors not human victims. As a species we are more spiritual warriors than we are portraying. Many do not have their spiritual body in play in their lives. We have 4 bodies, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. If the spiritual body in not a part of a person’s life, valor is not present as well. Valor is connected to the divine.

If one needs a boost of divine energy around them, visit my website to schedule the activation of your Armor of God.

On my website there is a service to place one in the "Divine Now" Time Frame. Sign up today!

Blogs on 2 and 3 will be published soon!


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