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Is This Really Me??

Many people at this time of the year are feeling not like themselves and wondering is this really me. The answer is NO!

The real problem that we face on this planet is that the dark, demonic know our weakness. Know what we worry about and what we stress over and what we want to control but cannot. Those things that are on our mind all the time is what they attack us with. If the same thoughts go on and on in your head, it is not you bringing it up; it is the dark forces trying to bring you down further in your negative state of being. What is needed is to fight these thoughts with the words, STOP TALKING I hear you. These fighting words actually come from your soul being, your Divine Being that is sick of hearing the words from outside of you. So many people think it is their voice, their thoughts and that would be false!

This negative talk comes from demonic entities trying to keep us within their thoughts. I wake up and a negative thought races in, I was asleep and in my divineness and what the demonic wants is that your in their energy. I immediately counter that negative thought with not interest in that aspect and think of something positive, or natural. One just has to think of a different thought all together and order for those thoughts to STOP. So then there is, another negative thought and another and another. It is exhausting at times. They don't stop! They keep fighting and we then we give in!

Never give in to the negative thoughts! Keep fighting! Ask for Divine Help to intervene to help stop them. Once you figure out that it is truly not your thought process doing this, it becomes easier to fight it, or to neutralize it.

Our Soul have power over this negative, dark, demonic thought process. Staying in a happy state of being is one of the ways that they give up. They would rather go to someone that they can control over someone that they have tried and failed over and over. It does seem that the happier you are one day, the more they decide to attack the next. Again you have to stay in a fight position, and sometimes that fight position is just to become joyful right after their attack. No one really tells their thoughts to others, good or bad and when it is bad all the time, they counter with a happy appearance. That is why it is hard to tell if someone has had enough of the negative thoughts and the only way to get it to stop is to take their life. The dark then has won!

Are your negative thoughts really what you would think of when you first wake up? Did you resolve the issue and now it is on the return? If you answered, why did I think of that again, you haven't the dark placed that thought in your mind once again in order to control.

Fight, Ask for Divine Help, Ask your Divine Soul to be present not the false entity that is sucking the life out of you.

Happy New Year! The key word HAPPY!!!


Get a hold of me if you have tried to stop the dark and have not been successful!




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