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Petra does it really mean Rock?

Petra: Soul Father: Aura Color is Ice Blue Sige: Soul Mother: Aura Color is Yellow with a ring of Pink

Compassionate Masculine: Merciful Feminine

When Jesua said “And I tell you, you are Petra” which many would say Peter in translation. What if Jesua knew about our Soul Parents, Petra and Sige. Yes, we know he had faith in Mother/Father God, however since he said Petra and in translation man changed it to Rock, Church, something physical that you can touch, or see, what if he really was talking about our Soul Father.  I believe man changed the complete meaning so that the population really didn’t even think about another Divine Set of Beings that sent us all here to do something much more than save each other. Everyone here is really trying to save Mother Earth. The planet that was created to house Lucifer, the fallen Archangel that fell from grace from Divine Mother/Father of our Soul. Our souls are the ones saving the planet, not our minds. Not the energy of our physical bodies. The energy of our souls; the souls that come from the Void. The place where everything was created, even Archangels to help our souls stay strong on a planet that is very dark, evil, and needing to shift to complete Divine. This is not a place where we are trying to figure out or learn, this is where a fight is taking place and to take us away from the fight, our negative ego is being distracted with trying to survive, trying to succeed, to do better than one another. The list goes on and on. Money was created to fix a problem and now it is a problem.

When I read my Uncle's sermon he created on August 21, 1993, to say on August 22, 1993 (weirdly enough 8/21 is my birthday) he was talking about Petra. In the bible, Petra was turned into the Rock, Church a place where we come together and pray for forgiveness of our sins. However, my uncle was a Presbyterian Minister; they preached about the time after Jesua came back from persecution when our sins were forgiven. In this sermon name “The Rock”, he talked about Jesua’s mission to fulfill the will of his Divine Father through Preaching, Teaching and Healing.  What if Petra wasn’t the rock, what if Jesua knew that our souls needed to be in the forefront of this war on this planet. If people had faith in something more than just the Divine Parents of this planet and knew that there was another set of Divine Beings connected to our soul that we could reach out to strengthen our souls not just our bodies, where would we be. Would we be enslaved to this physical aspect of being? Or would be so powerful with our abilities and truly trust one another on a much deeper level of self.

The healing process comes when we channel divine energy through our chakras, our energy sources that are connected to our soul, not our physical body. Grounding of our energy to Divine Mother Earth is how we can focus on what is truly important and our ability to function on our planet. How many times have you heard about Grounding; that is so important to our physical body? It is not our physical body that needs Grounding it is our Energetic body that functions with our Divine Soul. If you are not open to your soul, your body does not function properly. Our Soul energizes our heart, it keeps our heart pumping. The heart is deteriorated by the lack of divine energy that is following through our body. People that do not believe in any higher divine source perish in a much uglier manner.

The fear of death that so many have on this planet would be erased completely if it was known that we are here for Mother Earth to survive and when we perish, we return to our soul self and move on to other realms, planets and missions set by our Soul Parents not our Earth Parents. I believe that the dark on this planet would be weakened immensely with this knowing.  Our light is our soul, shine your light: light eliminates dark. If we had no dark, we would be in LIGHT. We do not need dark to see light. Our soul shines very bright when we are living through it. Live though your physical mind, physical body and your “light” is just a flicker in existence.

Surrender your physical being as the forefront of your being and strengthen your faith in our Divine Energy Being (Soul) with the help from our Soul Parents, Sige and Petra. Jesua lived a long life after he came back from physical death. His soul being never died, he knew it lives on and on and took that cross for us to see that physical death must be accomplished to live through our soul. We are looking at this place we call Earth physically and not Divinely.

Preaching, Teaching and Healing about our soul selves must be taken much more seriously for this planet to survive. Use the word Divine in praying, this connects you with all the Divine Beings including our Divine Soul Parents. We live through the Divine Will of our Divine Beings. Only our Divine Life and Path is known by the Divine Energy of all things. The world that you see in front of you will start to change to the Divine World that we live in. This life can be simple with joy flowing with laughter and peace. Change your perspective of why we're here and how we should live.

May 2024 be Divinely Orchestrated for All of Us!! Blessings!!



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