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3 Steps to Connection

We all start off in the Void. Our souls are birthed into Diving Being from within this place where all existence starts.

Here on this planet we call Earth our souls are in a Human Body which enables us to survive on this planet. We were made from the likeness of our Earth Parents whom I call Sofia and Abba.

We are all here on Earth to help keep the place we call home alive. We all have gifts that came with us from the Void to help Earth survive. However, in order to Hear why we are here; we most connect to our Earth Parents and our Parents who live in the Void (Buddha called this The Center).

When aligned with these gifts, life becomes simple. Being able to survive becomes easy and peaceful. When not aligned dis-eased sets in and life becomes very difficult. Living through one’s soul and the ability to hear the divine path of one’s journey becomes exciting. The synchronicity of life keep showing itself which is a sign of being in the Divine Flow.

Peace and Happiness is available to all that understand a Divine Connection is truly needed to live on a Divine Planet. In due course, this Divine Planet needs growth in Divine Energy Flow.

To help with this Divine Energy Flow one needs to align with their Divine Human Body and Divine Soul.

3 Steps to Connection was created to help join one to their divine energy.

Check Out the Tab 3 Steps to Connection,

Help Earth and Align with your Soul to create a Peaceful & Happy existence!

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