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Placerville, CA Wine Country/Hangtown

Journeyed to Another Town That Was Stuck!

My journey started on a Friday morning. I was in wine country and really want to go to a vineyard.

The brochure in the Airbnb said vineyard open 11-5. I was excited to see new country. Starting from Shingles Springs I took route north east following Google Map. It only took 20 minutes and there was the vineyard with a huge sign that said, ‘Wine Tasting by Appointment Only”. I was completely beside myself, where do I go from here? Google “Vineyard near me,” Google told me that there was one next door and it opened at 10am. I was elated that it was so close and opened sooner. I arrived and the grapes where full on the vine. Beautiful! I was the first one there, the gal was very “friendly and a Reiki Energy Worker as well. We chatted, and she said she hadn’t done Reiki in a while and couldn’t feel the energy flow anymore. I told her that it was no problem once attuned always attuned and I “slapped” her hands on again. Now she was elated to have the Divine Flow going. We had a great chat and I gave her pointers on how to start her balancing process so that she could read her clients to achieve even better sales for the vineyard.

I was in a Great Mood! Helping other people start their own journey gives me a sense that I am at the right place at the right time.

After our chat, I asked her where I could go to get a wedding gift. She said the main street runs straight into Placerville. She said it is a cute little town with a ton of cute little shops and I was bound to find a gift there.

I was excited to learn that I was only 10 minutes from a town that had cute shops! I drove down main street to check out the shops, a ton of antique shops, art shops. I found a city parking garage and parked my car. It was 104 degrees outside, It was very hot so I went into almost every store. There were quite a few restaurants as well. I was getting very hungry, but the energy of the old town was very strange. I could feel it was very haunted and when I saw the hotels I laughed and thought, who could stay in this haunted town. There was a cute Tai place and I got Coconut Shrimp! Although very hungry I felt so off that I couldn’t eat them. My throat felt off, like it was restricted in some weird way. Next door to the Tai place was a very cute shop that was a lot brighter inside than the other ones. Brighter in energy and lighter, I could actually see what she had easier. I got a few things for the gift, she gifted wrapped them for me and I was off on my way. Thinking I can’t wait to eat these Coconut Shrimp, my stomach was saying yes eat, my guides told me,” Get Out of This Town!”

I went to the car which felt very protected, ate 2 Coconut Shrimp and again was told you must Leave NOW!

About 10 minutes out of town I felt my throat feeling better and I ate the rest of the shrimp on the road!

Saturday was the wedding and it was a blast!

Sunday, I drove to Lake Tahoe where I sat with a boy and his father at a beautiful bar. The lake water was high, and the sun was out, and the band was playing great music on the patio. The father and I started taking and I told him that I went to Placerville for a wedding gift. He said, “You mean Hangtown?

In that town there was a lot of hanging during the Gold Rush period.” My whole experience of not being able to eat was now understood.

I had to drive past that town of Placerville to get to back to Sacramento, CA where I was flying out the next day. As I was driving by, I deployed Divine Help to take care of the people that were hung and who did the hanging. The town felt a lot little lighter to me as I drove by. I have had to clear it from a distance 3 more times since the trip. I feel it getting lighter and lighter.

Another town that needed my help that was suppressed by what had happened years and years ago clear of non-divine energy. Now the Divine Energy can be felt, and prosperity abound!!

If your town is suppressed by events that happened in the past, write to me on my Appointment Page. Together let’s get the Divine Flow going!!

Creativity, innovation and prosperity is possible!

Blessings! Cate

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