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Learn about Our Soul Parents

As I was getting my coffee this morning, the thought of our Soul Parents came over me with a second thought that there is so many Atheists on the planet right now. Then to comfort me, I was reminded by my spiritual guides that there is a collective mind thought in play and people are becoming to understand that not only is there Divine Parents that we have for this Planet Earth; there is also parents that have created our Divine Souls.

One of my recent students said, I started reading your book and I truly believe with all my heart in Divine Mother and Father; however, this thought about soul parents I am not into. My response was, we have two Divine Beings, Mother who is naturing and supplies us with everything that we need and Father who protects us every moment; why would you not be behind two more Divine Beings in your life who have put a Divine Plan in place for you to help the greater good of all?

If you haven’t read my book, Sige is our Soul Mother who has a yellow aura with a pink outer ring and Petra is our Soul Father, who’s aura is blue with a green outer ring. Even Doreen Virtue “picked up” Sige as Sofia’s Mother, Sofia is our Divine Mother’s name. Sige is part of Doreen’s Goddess card deck and within a short time frame I pulled Sige’s Card multiple times. Doreen Virtue also says that Sige is from the Void; the Void is where all creation was made.

One morning I pulled Sige’s card and asked her to come to me so that I could feel her energy, a powerful feeling of strong wisdom with a deeper sense of peace and contentment came over me. She showed me her yellow aura, a yellow that I never saw before. I asked if she had a male partner and Petra came forward, a strong firm masculine energy combined with nurturing energy. I felt his hand on the small of my back and felt protected and cared for. Now I understand why I always look for that aspect in a man. If a man stands next to me and puts his hand on the small of my back, I know he really truly cares for me.

By channeling Babaji for my book Divine Souls Shift for a Divine Earth, I received information about Sige and Petra. By praying to these two divine beings, I have never felt more connected to “everything” and it grows deeper every day. The sense of peace that everything is already planned for us gives me a since of comfort that I am only on this planet to help with the Grand Divine Plan. Every Divine Soul on this planet has their own plan to complete for the Grand Divine Plan to move forward. Our “4” parents want us to live in peace, joy, contentment in order for our souls to play out our plan here on earth.

In your affirmations, prayers and thoughts, reach out to Sige and Petra and ask them to become part of your day and to give you signs or clues of what your Divine Plan entails.

Together we can create a Divine Planet and live together peacefully.

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