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SBE :: Star Beverage Enhancer -- 2 Bowls for $35
              Star Reserve Stickers -- $40/5 ** $60/10  

Divine Energy Infused /Incredible Results

Place Beverage either inside of bowl, place bowl on top of beverage or place in container.  
Place Waterproof Star Reserve Sticker on Water container/Cup/ Wine
Place on Pools, Horse Troughs, Fish Tanks
Water Planets with H3O2 and Witness healthy and Abundant Fruit and Vegetables

Stickers are Easy to Reuse and Dishwasher Safe
Limit to 48oz of Structured Water per day! 


  • Structured

  • Hexagonal 

  • Intelligent 

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bowl on top of jug.jpg

Read what people are saying after using

Star Beverage Enhancer Bowls and Star Reserve Stickers


  • My wine is less acidic!

  • Less Heartburn!

  • I feel hydrated after just one glass of water!

  • I have more energy! 

  • The water feels thicker in my mouth! 

  • My skin and complexion looks and feels great!

  • I can taste all the flavors in my wine, now it is a Full Body Wine!

  • Pools Sparkle!! -- Read below!!



MR and I tasted Hannah’s Hill Riesling $38 and Barefoot Riesling wines $5.99 on sale at Fry’s.

Hannah’s Hill without the SBE:

Cate’s comments. Weird After taste, strong taste of Lemon, Acid, Sits in the throat.

MR's comments: Tasted the Oak (woodsy), Tart (Vinegar) Acidic


Hannah’s Hill with the SBE for 20 minutes.

Cate’s Comments: Looks much darker in color, deep color all the way through the cup.

No Throat after taste, no lingering after taste, No acidity, Tart however smooth.

MR's comments:

Darker, Tart, Smooth, Smell is smoother can smell the alcohol, No acidity, no after taste


Barefoot California Riesling Without SBE

Cate’s comments: Very heavy honey flavor, Tangerine with a little Pear, Color is very very light, no jasmine taste at all, tastes like refreshing juice.

MR's comments: Sweet, Honey, Peachy, Tangerine

Barefoot California Riesling with SBE for 30 minutes

Cate’s comments: Little deeper in color, completely different taste, Nice Blend of citrus hits first with Jasmine throughout, felt like a wine instead of a juice.

MR's comments: Little darker, after more sips honey is hint, Blend of Citrus not only tangerine, not as sweet, all flavors compliment, not one is more powerful than the other.


This family placed 3 Star Reserve Stickers around their foggy, green pool! They even tried shocking the pool, however it did nothing.
After 2 days with the Star Reserve Stickers, this is the Result!! 

After Structuring my
water, I have so much
more energy! 

Thank you! 

Dr. M Tucson, AZ

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