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#2 Becoming Centered and Grounded

2) Centered and Grounded

There is so much talk about being centered and grounded. What does this mean? We have 8 chakras in our body. Eight balls of energy that spin within our body that keeps our organs working properly. The main component that is never talked about is that our soul is the energy source that keeps these 8 bodies strong and healthy. When one is centered and the soul is grounded within the body, all the chakras are working properly. Grounded is another word that is talked about in the new age circles. Techniques are widely given, the technique I was shown grounds people within minutes. There is however, one key component of grounding which is not readily known and that is one’s soul needs to be grounded within their body first. Again, the spiritual body of one’s being needs to be present and functional for one to become easily centered and grounded.

I read an article lately how psychologists are writing a prescription for meditation for their clients. Meditation is not as easy as sitting with legs crossed and being still. Many patients are not comfortable going within, it makes their skin crawl and feeling to come to the surface that they are not understanding or willing to face. Even guided or group meditation if not handled properly can cause more anxiety than help these patients. I even have a hard time meditating. My thoughts that come to be like writing these words down, came from me walking, grounding into the earth, trusting in my divine soul to give me ways to reach out to people that need help. It was not in a meditation group or using a meditation app. The times I hear my soul the easiest is by doing routine things that don’t require my mental mind to be involved in. Like for example doing the dishes, vacuuming, or making dinner. What should be prescribed is getting out on nature walks, hands on gardening, working with animals (dogs, goats, horses); these activities need daily execution to keep people centered and grounded. People who are not connected to their divine soul show symptoms like depression, sleep apnea and nonproductivity.

Reconnecting to one’s divine soul is not a hard technique. It is very simple actually. The Divine is simple, to the point and has a dry humor side. I have always appreciated people with a dry humor side to them. Many people cannot stand dry humor; however, I have always enjoyed dry humor and now I know why. Dry humor is part of The Divine way. Laughter is the best medicine, why isn’t comedy clubs prescribed to patients?

To learn more about becoming centered and one’s divine soul to be grounded within the body, contact me and I will gladly share the technique. Use the contact page to find out more!!


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