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Saguaros: A New Found Connection

I never considered channeling the spirits of the Saguaros before. I have found a labyrinth at St. Marks United Methodist Church that is wonderful and quiet that I walk when I find myself thinking way too much. It really quiets my mind so that I am in the NOW.

They also have a great nature walk with Limestone that have etched words in them along the path. After walking the labyrinth I was drawn to the path and was amazed what was in front of me at the start of the meditation walk was a circle of Saguaros.

I was amazed due to the fact that I was recently informed about a group of people that channel Saguaros which peaked my wonderment of the kind of energy that this Desert Plant held. These cacti can be alive for hundreds of years.

I walked over to the circle of cacti and put my hands out and started channeling Divine energy through me and faced them to the Saguaros. The energy I felt off these beautiful creations that Mother God created was subtle, calming with an underlining strength.

I have gone to this circle of cacti twice now and have gotten different messages. First time I got from a very old Saguaro was “Don’t let your history drive you.” I have thought a lot about this message and have released a lot of my thoughts about my history and the way I felt about what happened to me in the past. I feel free to go into my future with new eyes and with excitement.

This second time after walking the labyrinth one Saguaro really stood out. I had gone to my car to get paper this time to write what I was hearing.

I approached the Saguaro and greeted this beautiful Saguaro with 7 arms with “Hello”. I happily heard “my name is Al, I see people entering and leaving that building (church) the same as they went in. I hear our Father’s name called but I do not feel him with them. They speak nothing of Mother (God) in that building. Why I ask do they not speak of the one that gave birth to them? Why do they praise Father (God) only and not Mother (God). It hurts my soul that they do not see me and the others that are connected to source, Mother’s source. Why have you started listening to us?” I told him the story about the people channeling the Saguaros. Al told me to stand directly in the middle of the circle of cacti (he was just outside of this circle) and told to spin around. I felt the energy around me, beautiful and I was in a calm state afterwards. After I spun around a couple time I heard “Your swords are bright use them wisely.” I asked if I use them all the time and I heard ‘No.”

The day after this visit I detoxed like I never had before. When I felt I could leave the house, I went to the Saguaro National Monument. I went to the visitor’s center and called out to see if I could communicate with any of them.

There was a cactus in front of me that split at the trunk and both stalks were very tall and I heard “We are protecting our baby!” “We have been here a very long time with no one to listen to us. We carry the life cycle of Mother Earth. The Indians used us for protection, food and water. We warn each other when we feel trouble coming. We don’t understand why you humans don’t communicate like us. We are all connected; however, we see all of you as separate from one another. The only connection cords we see are the ones that hurt one another. We can heal all ailments if you vibrate at our vibration. We are pure Mother Energy. The toxins you released today was needed to heal your gut. Stand tall and protect your youth for they are the future. Now that you have let us have your History, now give us your Future and you will have your NOW. We will guide and help you enjoy your NOW moments.”

As I drove out of the visitor’s center, I was guided to drive through Gates Pass where I was to give my Future to the Saguaros. I pulled over and asked who wanted to receive my Future and connected to one of them, and I surrendered it over. I felt him spread this Future energy through their communication grid and heard “The possibilities are endless.” My thoughts have not gone into the future and if I do it is not for long. They are stopped quickly. I feel very blessed to have such a gift from the Saguaros and Mother God.

I feel that we all go through life harping over our history (past) and worry about what will happen in the future and we forget to enjoy the NOW.

I am very excited to learn and heal with this new found energy that has been in front of me for 34 years. By the way, I spent another 3 hours detoxing. It wasn’t fun; however, I feel so much better!



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