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Feeling Safe!

After tending to my granddaughter this morning, my spiritual guides started talking about feeling safe. I started recapping my outing last night and waking up with my granddaughter.

I went to a bar to hear a band that my friends are in. I went alone, sat at a high top and felt very safe. I travel alone, and I feel safe. I know when I get on a plane it will go up as it should and land how it should. I have no problem being alone because I know that I am Not alone at all. I have 4 Divine Beings (read my earlier Blog - Star of David: Divine Energy from the Void) and my spiritual band of allies with me. I know in my mind, heart and soul I am Safe.

My granddaughter last night and this morning at 5:30 cried and usually I could give her milk and walk away. For some reason I had to rock her in the rocking chair until she felt SAFE and then she let me put her back in her crib to continue to sleep alone.

As I said, I went to a bar last night where my friends were playing, and I invited a man I recognized to sit with me, I was sitting alone. We sang with the band, laughed and was having a great time. However, after a while he move from my table over to another table where there were more people. They all seemed like nice, fun hard-working people, doing shots and smoking. They were into each other than listening to the band. Apparently, the man that was sitting with me felt comfortable, in line with, vibrating (energy wise) with that group of people than with me. We are pulled towards people and situations where our energy vibrations fit which creates a feeling of being safe.

I left the bar and drove home. While I was at a stop light there was an accident with two cars, they were in the intersection. I thought to myself that the Police Officer in front of me would pull over and put on his lights so no one else would get hurt and help those people in need. To my surprise that City Police Officer drove on by. This pissed me off. Protect and serve kept coming to me and my spiritual guides told me to call him out. So I called the police department where I told the Sargent the Police Car number and told him that it blew my mind that he did not stop. There was a situation right in front of him that he could have served and protected the people in the middle of the road. I did not feel Safe at that moment! I feel that is world we live in is becoming unsafe, and that Police Officer actions last night did not make me or anyone around me feel Safe.

The news that is on 3 times a day puts us in an Unsafe place in our mind. We hear one happy story and then the rest puts us in a state of Uneasiness.

Many of us live pay check to pay check, I am one of those, however, I don’t feel unsafe. I know there are Divine Beings that will Divinely Intervene if I need help to get me back to a feeling of ease which helps me in feeling safe.

When I got home last night, I drew my oracle cards to see what my guides wanting me to know. Every Card I pulled made me feel at ease and a feeling of being secure with myself, my family, my business, and my financial wellbeing. The Cards also pointed out that I am not alone in my journey.

I slept like a rock!

How would your world be different if you felt SAFE? Would you laugh more, listen to music more, dance and sing more? All Divine Emotions and Actions.

At the bar I felt safe and secure. I sang out loud, laughed, danced at the table and felt free to enjoy myself. I contribute that feeling because I am in Divine Energy Flow and it feels great!

Read my website and understand Divine Energy:

To have Divine Energy around you and to be in this flow that creates a state of feeling SAFE even if you are all alone, Contact Us at Divine Energy Management where we will teach you how to manage the energy flow around you!

Let’s All Feel Safer in this World Together!

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