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Just Cross Them Over - ebook

When I started this journey of connecting to divine energy daily, I never thought  I would write an eBook. I have abilities of seeing spirits, ghosts/people that have died no matter how long ago it happened. 

In this book are tools to release the spirits.


One must have no doubt that the technique is working. 

If you find that you are having problems with spirits even after using the tools, shoot me an email and I will gladly "look" into the situation. 


I hope you find it useful, enjoyable and educational.


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Understanding Divine Energy

Divine Energy vs. Non-Divine Energy

This book is my own personal journey on how I developed my gifts that were bestowed on me. It explains the difference between Divine Energy vs. Non-Divine Energy and how to Discern the energy. This book contains more techniques on how to deal with Non-Divine energy and how we can have Heaven on Earth. I hope you find this enjoyable, educational and makes one really thing about their emotional triggers and how to forgive  their history and Move On to a healthier and Happier Life.


Peace be with you! 

Cate Brandt


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