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Grounding: How Important is it?

I recently determined that many people are struggling in their lives and one major reason is that they are not grounded.

What does that mean? This mean that the persons energy is scattered and not flowing evenly. We are energy and when, just like electricity, we are not grounded, we tend to burn out. Lack of focus and centeredness causes harm to our physical and mental body.

There are two things that need to be grounded 1) our Soul into a physical body 2) our physical body to Mother Earth.

Doing Energy work on clients I am realizing increasingly our soul is hanging out of our physical body, many times it is to the right side above our shoulder. As a result, our physical body is tired, stressed. This tiredness and stress state creates weak immune systems and free radicals within our body.

Grounding the soul within our body gives us a divine energy source that our chakras need to function correctly.

It is easy to ground the soul back into a body by Commanding it back into the physical body. One can command their soul and they command for others as well.

For example, when you see someone at work not being able to focus, one can tell that person's soul to ground back into their physical body and then say Raku (RaKoo) 3 times. The best part of this is that it can be said within yourself. You do not need to say it aloud. The shift in energy is immediate. One can then go one more step and ground another or their own physical body to Mother Earth. Saying Raku 3 times for that grounding intention to occur.

I have personally grounded children in grocery stores and watching their mother wonder why their child is standing still or hanging on their leg is comical. When children are misbehaving they are usually not grounded.

How important is it? Very Important, Everyone needs grounding, some more than others. If we do not ground to Mother Earth, the Divine Flow that comes from our Divine Soul does not fortify Mother Earth.

Try it out! Ground yourself or someone else and see the shift in attitude, awareness, and energy level.

What help in grounding, reach out to me and we can go over the steps! Happy Grounding!


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