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We Are Already Saved

I know my mission! I am guided to complete my sacred mission repeatedly by either get an angel number or a message through my card reading, “go now” and share my knowledge. Today I read another one of my uncle’s sermons. There was no date on this sermon, however, it was probably in the 90’s. In this sermon, he really wanted to get across how God is everywhere. It was like he was really trying to convince his congregation that they were already with God no matter what they did, said or acted. I attended only a handful of his sermons. Reading his writing style he always had a story, trying to lighten up the crowd so that their guard would come down. Laughter was his way of letting everyone feel that they were there to praise God not be judged by Him. He would get some people laughing, and the others would usually eye roll, judge those that were laughing. I was a child and would laugh and the alters would look at me like don’t laugh you are in church, have some respect. God has a very dry sense of humor and if you don’t understand dry humor, maybe google dry humor to know when the Divine is behind what is happening!

My Uncle really was trying to get across that the Divine is always there for us in an unconditional basis. No rules, no tithing, nothing stands in the way of the Divine, except for our lack of connection with it.  Our lack of faith in them and our thoughts about what they can do for us, our lack of asking to connect, our absence of our thought of them.  It is not the Divine’s fault that things do not come together and are not created.

I am reminded as well that we are of service that will be rewarded when others around us come first. If we are rooted and grounded in faith with the Divine, the synchronicities occur out of nowhere. Is it truly out of nowhere though? Of course not. If you are on your Divine Plan, then the pieces, people, locations are placed on that plan/path.

Unconditionally is a word that is not used very often. We here on this planet expect that nothing is for free. There is always something that happens to us in a hurtful, bad way when there are no conditions that are present. The backlash of “freedom”. Freedom comes with a cost. To be free in this country comes with the cost of our soldiers dying for it. I read an article that one of soldiers always prayed for his squad to be safe on the battlefield. Interesting enough, they all returned from the war. No one was killed on their missions. In the bible here is a lot of stories about battles, personal battles and battles over land. The ones that asked for help from the Divin, won. Some like Joan of Arc’s battles should have never been won under the circumstances. Joan had faith, she could feel her spiritual guide and had no doubt what was being told. Man killed Joan, scared of her power of faith, she was taken off the planet. Many people who have had unbelievable faith have been executed. Their unconditional love for their creator could not be understood by those people that have conditional faith.  

Can those with conditional faith truly understand those with unconditional faith?

Is your faith just present within you, or do you have to perform, give, or beg for the presence of the Divine?

Yeshua (Jesus) had no doubt who is father/mother were/are. He knew the Divine was a part of him that no one could take that away. No matter the situation, he knew that he was cared for and protected when he was carrying out his mission. His mission was to connect us to our creator. The laying on hands was for us to physically feel that Divine Energy flow. The energy that relaxes our mental mind, relieves us from worries we cannot control. Awakens our soul that lives in this human body and mind.

What would it feel like to have Divine Energy just be present around you? Your thoughts and beliefs would not take part in this Divine flow; however it awakens your soul, strengthens your soul and starts showing synchronicities that haven’t been there before.

I was gifted with a way to activate a symbol that has been around forever. I created stickers with this symbol, and I activate every one of them to flow Divine Energy continuously.

Find them on my website:




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