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Easter, Time for Forgiveness!

Many many moons ago Father God (Abba) forgave the human race, earth beings, the people who occupy the planet earth.

Unconditional LOVE was what Abba promised. Jesua (Jesus) had a message after visiting Father God which was to LOVE Everyone who came across our path.

Love is a verb, the act of responding with Divine unconditional energy to help the Divine Energy in others to come out and be expressed and felt.

When you experience a heart felt hug, it warms your heart. You know that the person cares for your well-being, your Divine Well-being.

In order for us to feel the LOVE, we much first have our hearts open. Forgiveness opens our heart to LOVE. We much LET Go of the hurt and pain someone or something has put upon us. More times than not we take actions or words and keep them in our heart, thus blocking the LOVE that we are supposed to feel. Our mind keeps the pain and hurt alive. Letting go of that pain and hurtful thoughts and giving it to Abba to transform into love will open your heart to feel more Divine Energy flow.

My Uncle sent me a text just the other day. He found that God is Theos in the Greek language and it means Flow or Run. God, Divine Energy Flows or Runs through us. Our Soul is from Abba (Father God), He flows through us. My Uncle also texted, “thus the light of God flows through all. “ Love the fact that he is in his 80’s and still researching and putting the meaning of God into fact form.

Easter the time when we LET GO of the hurt and pain that is blocking the God Energy that heals and strengthens us.

Let Abba transform that hurt and pain into Divine Energy. I promise you will feel lighter, happier, joyful, and hope will be the restored.

Happy Easter!



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