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Listen to your Heart!

I grew up without a father figure in the house and because of this I looked up to the men that were around me. As I have grown, I realize we all have our faults, our short comings. My biological father I knew was not the role model for a stable man. My step father lived in fear most of the time. Fear of not having enough money; he grew up in the depression. My Grandfather was in a wheel chair when I was going up. He was a fire fighter made Capt. and he fell head first done a couple flights of stairs. He was dependent on his wife for the last 20 years of his life. Even though he was dependent, he had a sense of strength about him. My Grandfather and Grandmother were my role models for love and companionship and how to stay strong even if things weren’t going great. They got through things together. My Grandmother had my mother baptize me in a Second Congregational Church. Years later in my 40’s I asked why I wasn’t baptized in the Lutheran Church like everyone else. My mother said their base for their religion was Love. My Grandmother’s faith in God was very strong which kept our family together. She forgave people all the time and was hurt when people did not forgive her. My Grandfather’s side of the family did not know how to forgive. I didn’t even know he had sisters still alive until his funeral. My Grandmother was always hurt by the fact the families did not stay close and in Love. We all have the power to love and forgive, however if we did not see that happening as kids we don’t do it as adults. It is easier to isolate ourselves from situations that make us uneasy. I am at fault as well with this. I don’t go to church. Church is a place where people can come together and grow their faith and feel stronger in their faith; a sense of community that you are not physical alone in what you believe. My Grandmother couldn’t go at times and she would say “I love the music.” What the preacher had to say wasn’t why she went to church. She didn’t need anyone telling her that she was a sinner and she had to bow down to God and ask for forgiveness. She knew that she was forgiven and the reason she went to church was to be around people and hear music that would lift up her heart to take on another week. Recently a co-worker of mine passed away. It was very sad, he was so positive, even when things were not going well he always had a chuckle and a smile on his face. It would just lift your heart enough that without even thinking about it you were able to finish out the day. His funeral was full of music and gratitude. Gratitude that he was such a caring person, asking how people were doing all the time, remembering birthdays, anniversaries. He took the time to touch people’s heart and the music at his funeral let me just say renewed my faith that there are people out there in strong faith. Our power is within us, our strength is within us. If you think the people that have the biggest weapons are the people with power that is a false belief. Sayings from the Tao Te Ching from Lao-Tzu, “Weapons, however beautiful, are instruments of ill omen, hateful to all creatures. Therefore he who has Tao will have nothing to do with them.” This saying as stuck with me.

Mother and Father God created us with their Divine Energy, Love! That is what our foundation is, Love. Love heals, Love forgives, Love is strong and powerful in its own right. Why do we think we have to figure things out in our head when our soul that lies in our heart chakra is what we truly are. Connect with your heart and you will connect with your soul which is completely connected with God! We are power creatures of God and the dark knows our fears. Shut the mind which holds your fears off and listen to your heart!

If you need help with listening to your heart because your ego is out of control, Contact Us!

God Bless. Cate

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