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Free Radicals

I read an email that today’s lesson at the church that I used to go at is talking about Worry today.

Worry is a funny thing. My mother worried about her children all the time. She only wanted the best for us and put us first in her mind. This worry that she had for us lead to Dis-ease in her body. Worry is a tricky emotion. It leads to an unrest in the body.

As stated in the Medical News Today article: How do free radicals affect the body?

Last reviewed Sat 29 July 2017

By Zawn Villines

Although free radicals are produced naturally in the body, lifestyle factors can accelerate their production. Those include:

  • exposure to toxic chemicals, such as pesticides and air pollution

  • smoking

  • alcohol

  • fried foods

These lifestyle factors have been linked to diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. So, oxidative stress might be a reason why exposure to these substances causes disease.

I looked up oxidative Stress and this is what Wikipedia said

Oxidative stress

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Oxidative stress reflects an imbalance between the systemic manifestation of reactive oxygen species and a biological system's ability to readily detoxify the reactive intermediates or to repair the resulting damage.

When we worry we take on habits to over come it. Unfortunately, smoking, alcohol and fried foods are all legal in the US. One can intake all they want legally. However, this leads to a free radical response in the body, which in turn shortens one’s life span.

Why do I bring this up?

Worry is a Non-Divine Energy that keeps the body in an unrest state.

My cards have been telling me to rest over and over again. I have been battling the decision to leave my current job and go forth and do my Divine Purpose. My indecision has been putting me in an unrest position.

What has you in an unrest position? Take a few seconds to understand your unrest.

We can all control our emotional and our mental responses to our unrest.

Do I continue to worry about leaving the pay check that I am receiving even though how I earn that pay check is totally not in my belief structure? If I continue with this indecision will I be creating free radicals in my body that I cannot reverse?

The Leap of Faith Card has been coming up as well and Let Go! I can write all day about what other people can do like Trust in Mother God (Sophia) and Father God (Abba), however, if I do not practice what I talk about then what leg do I have to stand on? How can other people actually do what I preach about if I do not do what I preach about?

My mother took my advice about giving her worry to God. Her last 4 years she worried less and gave her worry over to Mother/Father God, however the years and years of worry took a toll and death came early for her. Cancer took her whole body and it was irreversible. I believe the free radicals in her body was extreme. Eating right, exercise and worrying less in the last part of her life was not enough to fix the 40 or so years of worry that she did.

I have been giving many things over to Sofia and Abba, however, I still have this indecision going on about how to earn the money to feed, house and provide for my family.

It is much easier to look at other people’s lives and understand what went wrong. It is not so easy to look at our own lives and say this one thing is causing issues that cause more issues that lead to a chain reaction. Free Radicals cause a chain reaction that leads to Dis-ease.

We need to Stop! Breathe and change the one thing in our mind that is causing the chain reaction.

Rather in be worry, indecision, a false belief about ourselves, or a false belief that another has put on us that we hold as our own truth, these need to be released and Given to Mother/Father God to heal. Their Healing and Divine Energy Flow can help us stop the free radicals from taking control over our physical body. Heal the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional body and you can Heal the Physical body.

This sounds simple enough, however surrendering your life over to the Divine Beings that Created us takes guts and practice. I too am guilty of taking the control back and hoping the outcome is what they want for me.

News Flash! I’m still indecisive and getting sicker emotionally and mentally and it is turning physical!

May we all STOP today and take a few moments to understand our unrest and Hand it over to our Parents (Mother/Father God) to Heal!

If you need asssitance with identifying your unrest, Contact Us and together we can figure out what is triggering the chain reaction in you!

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