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About Divine Energy

Learn How to Manage and Connect with Divine Energy

If  you feel alone, lost, depressed, a feeling of hopelessness, cannot get over a loss of a loved one, the feeling of spinning in circles and can not move forward in life, or suffer from PTSD then there is a possibility that there is stuck Non-Divine Energy that has entered your energy field.

Everything is made of Energy: Albert Einstein

My Story

I have realized that there is a disconnect with the Metaphysical community.  Attending Reiki Circles, I observed dark/negative energy flowing from the Practitioners. I quickly realized Practitioners did not discern what kind of Energy they were channeling. Having a strong faith based upbringing, I have always known in my heart we are not alone in our journey on this planet. 


Learning and working with Energy though the Reiki healing modality I have been able to discern that we live on a planet that has demonic energy. This demonic energy will trick healers into thinking that they are connect with the Divine Side. If one does not see or feel or understand the difference between the Divine and the Non-Divine, it is very possible that the Non-Divine is what is being channeled.  Being strong in my Faith in Father God, I know They (Mother/Father God) are Divine Energy. I command that only Divine Energy is allowed through my body to the client. 

In my journey to becoming a Reiki Master-
I have had 3 different teachers. 

My first master taught Reiki 1 and working with Archangels

My second master was excellent at distance Reiki

My third master could see other realms

All three masters were excellent on their knowledge and I cannot thank them enough. Through my connection with the Archangels, I have been able to discern and sense different energy frequencies.  With the Archangels help I have been able to remove the non-divine frequencies off people, towns, homes, offices, and pets. 

After years of discerning and channeling Divine Energy, I've advanced in the mediumship abilities. Communicating with souls that have crossed into heaven and also with souls that are stuck here on this planet. The ability to communicate with souls that have left their physical bodies has taken a lot of practice. For us living beings in order to heal and have closure sometimes takes hearing from the souls that you have had relations with. With each client I learn more and more about souls, realms and heaven. With this new knowledge brings deeper healing that is exciting and fulfilling. ​

My Divine Purpose

To Clear/Release the Non-Divine Energy off the Planet. I am very passionate about my Divine Purpose in life and have vowed to Mother God-Sophia and Father God - Abba that my service is with them. ​ I have learned over the past 20 years that Discernment of Energy must happen since there is good and evil, light and dark, soul and negative ego.


Dis-ease can and will occur when Divine Energy flow has stopped. ​When Divine balance and flow are occurring, happiness, health, success, and prosperity can be achieved. ​ If you are feeling unbalanced or can feel that the divine flow has stopped - Enter your information on the Appointment page so that we can assist you. Eliminate blocks that are holding you back from living Your Divine purpose.

who I Am

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Reiki Master (July, 2006)

Since July 2006, I've proudly held the title of Reiki Master, dedicated to channeling healing energy and facilitating personal transformation. Over the years, it's been a profound journey of growth and service, enriching both my life and the lives of those I've had the privilege to touch with this ancient healing art.

Medium 2010

Since 2010, I've embraced the role of Medium, bridging the gap between the physical and spiritual realms to convey messages of love and healing from the other side. Serving as a conduit for spirit communication has been a deeply fulfilling journey, guiding individuals toward solace, understanding, and profound spiritual connections.

B.S.B.A University of Arizona, 1991
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