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Christ-Mas! It's True Meaning

Let’s explore Christ-Mas!

Definition of Christ



3: an ideal type of humanity

4: Christian Science: the ideal truth that comes as a divine manifestation of God to destroy incarnate error

Merriam-Webster website

I find the 3rd and 4th definition very interesting!!

The ideal type of humanity. This fits my Love is Life of Valor Eternal concept. We are Christ, we are supposed to be Christ and Live a Life of Valor Eternal.

We celebrate Jesus on Christmas and giving of presents to each other. Presents are given when we honor someone for something. Does this mean that we are honoring each other for being the ideal type of humanity?

I know several people that will be getting gifts that in my eyes were far from being the ideal type of humanity this past year. Not going to name names I am sure you have your own list of people that fit this description.

The 4th meaning. The ideal truth that comes as a divine manifestation of God to destroy incarnate error.

Incarnate= human form.

The 4th meaning then means a Divine presence that destroys human error.

We all are created from Divine Energy and are housed in a human body. When your human mind (negative thought process, ego) is running our lives, in my thought process that certainly means human error.

Our Christ selves come to life when our ideal truth destroys our negative human thoughts.

What we all forget is that we are Divine Souls that are housed in a human body and that human body as a human thought process that is consistently trying to put our Soul self to sleep.

You read more and more come from your soul, your center, not from your mind. If you mind is aligned with your soul, then you are living a Christ life. The Soul has beat the ego into submission.

We give thanks and praise to Jesus every year that he lived through his Divine Self. He trusted in what he heard from Father God about his mission for the planet. A time where people wanted to believe in Father God and the Word of God through Jeshua. The message that God loves his people and he sent his only begotten Son to us to save us, the humans that were being mislead down a path of darkness. Jeshua brought “Light” that triggered our Souls to remember who we truly are, “A Holy Being of Divine Energy that lives life with valor, passion and compassion towards all.

Are we really teaching our kids that they have their own passion? Their own gift to this planet? To have Compassion towards others?

Living in this world of technologies today we are not connected to our neighbors, our communities, our lives in the NOW.

Touch is very important to our human bodies. The touch of warm water feels like a warm hug. A hot bath, shower to many of us is a normal routine; we are blessed every day with a warm hug. I saw on Facebook how one man built a shower trailer for homeless people. Just that feeling of warmth is calming to the nervous system. That man Acted to help his fellow humans; he realized how-to bring peace and calmness to others.

Our Actions speak louder than our Words and our Money!

Our Souls Act when we see something not right with what is going on around us.

Mas means “Go”.

Go be Christ (Your Divine Manifestation of God) to others and them in turn with be that to you.

This Christmas really think about how next year you can live through your Soul and Act on this Earth with Purpose and Passion towards others and the planet!

Need to get in touch with your Soul?? See Steps to Bliss and ACT by Contacting Us to help you move into your Divine Energy and out of your Human Negative Thoughts.

I cannot wait to Help others live through their SOUL SELF!

Merry Christmas to All!

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