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Suicide (My View Point)

This picture puts me in a state of PEACE!

Suicide: Releasing the Soul from the Physical Body by means of taking of One’s Life.

When a person is experiencing PAIN that is in the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual body, the answer is too take of one’s life to stop this pain from continuing, releasing from the physical, releasing from the day to day pain that they feel.

When one takes their own life, it is not the Divine Plan of Mother/Father God to do this. The person’s ego is running the show. Pain is simply blocked Divine Energy. This pain can be so severe that one ends’ their life to be come connected to Divine Energy “faster”. When suicide is thought about this person truly does not feel connected to Mother/Father God – source energy. There is no hope, they see no better answer than to end the feeling of pain.

If a person was not connected to source energy in their physical body who ever said you will be connected without your physical body? Yes, you are now a soul however your ego is still attached to your soul when you die on your terms not God’s terms. There is a false belief that once a person takes their life Mother/Father God is there with open arms. If your ego got you to take your own life then who is in charge, your Ego or your Soul?

After I was attuned to second level Reiki, I started realizing that I could sense lost souls. It was like I had a beacon over my head flashing “I can show the way to heaven!”, “Lost no worries I can help!” I had a dream about family being lost, I will never forget a little girl saying to me in the dream “we are tired and need to go home.” I walked out of my bedroom and there is a mother with all 5 of her children. I had gone to the mall the day before and came home with them. I wondered why I was so tired. The littlest one could get into my dream state and tell me they were there. I asked Archangel Michael to cross them over which he did, and I could hear them crying with joy that they were saved, and they were going home. They were from Phoenix and the husband decided their fate. This story is explaining that they were gone by someone else ego being in control and not God’s Divine plan.

(story) I was going to church regularly for a while and learned that a young man that was also a regular took his life. There was a history of serve depression in his family and I did not see the signs that he was crying out in pain and wanted it to stop. About 2 weeks after he took his life his best friend came up to me and said, I feel Dave. He is scaring me and my wife, he is making the Dave’s hot sauce fall out of the refrigerator time and time again. When I asked Dave to come forward so that I could sense him his EGO was very strong. He wanted to make sure that his friends were not upset with him for scaring them, he thought it was funny. He was a funny man always had a smile, minded me on how you couldn’t see the depression in Robin Williams. Dave went home to heaven that day, I cried so hard when he left he was a good man with a great heart that was in constant pain.

There have been several suicides in the past weeks and we will never know what kind of pain they were in, serve I am sure of. When going to CA over Memorial Day weekend I pasted a sign posted over a large gorge that had the suicide hotline posted. I have crossed over on the bridge many times and it never occurred to me that one would end their life there. I asked Father God to shine his light and asked 3 Archangels to escort any souls that were lost by jumping. I was surprised how many went home that day and heard so many say Thank You, it bought tears to my eyes.

Mother/Father God hear your prayers. Faith is built when we battle with our ego and our soul and our soul wins. This Faith needs to be worked on every day just not on Sunday’s. It takes practice to quiet your ego so that you can hear your soul. I learned early on that the soul is in control and with a strong heart you say, “thank you (divine energy) ego for your opinion however I know I am strong in my faith in God and I know God sees my problems and can hear my prayers for help’, so it is time for you (ego) to be quiet!” Your soul is connected to Mother/Father God. I have always felt a strong sense of self with the Buddhist community. They practice being quiet so that they can hear what their soul is saying to them. They too must fight off the ego. When you are quiet do not stay in your head, you need to go to your heart center. The Buddhist teaching of love and compassion is not just for others, it is also for themselves as well. One most LOVE one’s self and work to stay in that place of LOVE.

Practice, Practice, Practice!! If you need help in getting started Contact Us, Let's see what is holding you back.

It’s the ego that says it is okay to go against God’s Divine Path. “Once you are free of your physical body you will be aligned with God”, that is your ego stirring you in the wrong direction. God’s Divine Plan is never to take one’s own life. The Pain can stop with help. Ridding the non-divine energy around you and turning off the ego so you can feel at PEACE within yourself is what needs to happen.

Individuals that are in pain need to realize that they are not the only ones hurting inside. There are many people hurting and we all need to come together as a community to help those in need, so HOPE can shine through.

Living through your Soul and not your Ego is what we all need to do to have PEACE, HOPE and feel the LOVE that is so trying to come through for ALL of US.

Blessings, Cate

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