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Sige, Mother of Sophia, Female Energy in the Silence or Void.

I own the Goddess, Guidance Oracle Cards that Doreen Virtue, PH. D created. I use my cards regularly since I have a hard time quieting my mind. I become centered quickly with them. Every morning I pick cards to help me set the stage.

Last week, I picked Sige (pronounced Sig) and was told to rest, quite my mind and take no action. When the time comes I will know when to take action.

I also kept picking the card from Doreen’s Mermaid Cards, Rest!

I now get what the spiritual realm was trying to tell me.

After picking Sige, I asked that she come to me so that I could understand the energy on a deeper level. She came and my soul connected with her and I felt whole. A feeling I have been missing, a piece of the puzzle that I was lacking, that corner piece that completes the whole picture.

I finally felt grounded like never before. My mind and body were still. As I said before, it is hard for me to get to stillness. When I connected with Sige, I became Still! And I felt wonderful!

When energy is talked about, grounding is brought up all the time; however, we are talking about grounding to Mother Earth/Mother God/Sophia. When your energy is connected (grounded) to Sige, it’s a connection to your soul’s origin. This connection is the feeling of oneness!

Because I talk about Mother (Sophia) /Father (Abba) God, Female/Male, I asked her if she had a male counterpart. I was told, “Yes, his name is Peter.”

When I asked Peter to come forward so that I could feel his energy, tears come quickly. Every time I even think or connect with him I want to bust into tears. Not tears of sadness, there is such an overly sense of a male dominate caring man who has my back. The sense of security behind me is enormous that I want to cry to release the pain and sadness of not feeling this way for so long. My Soul as been longing this feeling of safety and security. I know he will always love and completely support me through my steps here on earth.

Success is the only thing I feel now. There is no sense of failure in my heart, mind or soul. Man created failure not Divine Beings. Having the connection with both Sige and Peter is the most peaceful feeling, there is a feeling of being whole for the first time.

I recently was told “Do Not Fail Me” and when she told me that, the only thought that came to mind is, you are completely connected to man’s mind thought; there is no spiritual connection with this person. I didn’t not say anything, however, did let her know that I was also a counselor, a way to tell her that I am much more than what she knows.

I have been single for awhile and was told by my guides that Peter was the man I would be connected to. I expected a physical human man named Peter. Wrong!!

Now that I am connected to Sige and Peter that live in the void, the space where all creation is made, I now feel grounded, whole and completely at peace.

My thanks to Doreen Virtue, PH. D who stepped out of her comfort zone and created these Oracle Card decks. The use of these cards daily has brought me completely home.

That same night, I picked up the book Hua Hu Ching, The Unknown Teachings of Loa Tzu by Brian Walker, published in 1992.

I held it and ask what I should read, they are numbered. The number I turned to was #57.

“The universe is a vast net of energy rays”. Something I talked about over and over.

“In order to eliminate the negative influences, simply ignore them. To integrate the positive influences, consciously reconnect yourself with the primary energy ray of the Subtle Origin…” “Then all the rays in the net around you will merge back into the harmonious oneness.”

When Sige and Peter came to me, I was connected to the primary energy ray of the Subtle Origin. I now get what Loa Tzu was talking about.

The piece of the puzzle that I was missing the connection with the Subtle Origin. Knowing Sige and Peter has brought to a wonderful place of stillness.

Everyone needs to connect with Sige and Peter. Sit and ask for them to come to you and your soul will connect to them, not your human mind!

Feel the Oneness!!!



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I can help increase the Divine Positive Energy that Surrounds and Envelops you!

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