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Another Medium Story by Catieb

Yesterday as I was relaxing I decided to watch Catfish. TV show, not familiar with the show, google it. I find it entertaining. This show was not about girl meet boy but it’s a girl, it was about a Medium getting in touch with a gal because she had be talking with her father for 5 years. First thought I had, 5 years why isn’t he crossed over by now, why are you letting him hang on for 5 years! Second thought, that poor gal feeling her father’s energy for so long, no wonder she is miserable. I kept watching and the Aunt of the gal said, “I got a strange call from one of our foster moms saying that she smelled cigarette smoke and knew it was my brother”. Nev from the show said, “so this father is haunting people?”, the Medium came back with the response “I won’t it call it haunting”. After the show was over, I checked in with the gal’s Father and asked, “Did you cross over?” and I heard, “No! Can you help me?” I then asked him why didn’t she (Medium) cross you over? His response, “She doesn’t know how”. My first book came to mind and I realized that my first book is just as important as my second book. My first book, “Just Cross Them Over”, gives the techniques of crossing lost souls over where they need to be after this lifetime. Also, why people don’t cross over and why it is so important to cross these souls over. If you are in the healing arts, read my first book understand the issues people have with their love ones still around them if they are not completely of the Divine. When the father crossed I received, “Thank You now my daughter and I will be in peace!”

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