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Star of David:Divine Energy From the Void.

I have continued to work with all 4 of our Creators, Sige, Peter, Sofia and Abba. I now refer to them in prayer as the 4, my intention is that I am asking all 4 for of them to respond. In meditation, Peter told me that the symbols that are used in Reiki and the Star of David came out of the Void and that He was the one that gave us the symbols to use.

I have worked with the Star of David for years. I put the Star of David on door and windows for protection when I cleansed homes. After years of doing that I decided that I could place the Sta r of David over the home and ask Sofia and Abba to shine their light through the symbol. I did not understand why their divine energy was magnified 1000 times stronger when it went through the symbol. Then it hit me that the symbol is Sige and Peter together.

Female is pointing up and the Male is pointing down. When Sofia and Abba shine their

light through the intersection of the two triangles, it wasn’t just their energy it was a

combination of all 4.

This Divine Energy I have used to cleanse and protect homes, people and land. I ask the Star of David to be placed over 5 miles of land for a client that felt oddly different when she left her home (feeling great to feeling horrible when she got to work). My thought, I will put the Star of David over the space that she drives, and it will not fell different when she got to work. She told me after a week that she did not feel the difference between home and work anymore.

Mission Success!

I am also being told to write about this because Sige and Peter want to be known and be called upon to help us. This planet is in a state of distress and to help us get to a place of Love and Peace we need very powerful Divine help. This home of ours is a spiritual place. We need to call upon our soul creators, all 4 of them to let them bring out our souls and turn off our ego minds to live a freer, happier and healthier life.

To Feel Divine Energy surrounding you contact us to have your Armor of God Activated. (Check out the Blog: This is done at a distance and you will feel an immediate shift in your energy field.

To feel the powerful energy of the Star of David ask for the symbol to be placed over your heart chakra and have Sofia and Abba send their divine energy through it. A sense of peace will come over you! The more you do this the more relaxed and content you will feel.

If you need help balancing your energy so that you can start with a clean slate, Contract us for distance healing.

Let us ALL call upon spiritual DIVINE help! Remember DIVINE is the KEY word!



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