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Morning Affirmations

Sofia (Mother God), Abba (Father God), Peter & Sige (live in the void where it all began)

(Me) Good morning!

Will you please help me with writing affirmations .

Answer from them: Of Course!

First: Sit and Say: Please remove all non-divine energy out of my aura.

Second: Get in a place of passion. Think and feel Divine Love Energy flowing.

Third: Ask for us to be present while saying the affirmations.

Affirmations I received:

Dearest Sofia please help me connect with your energy flow to manifest my desires.

List Desires: (mine are below)

-Being of service to people that want to connect with Divine source energy.

-Working at Miraval to help people with grief, addiction or anything else that is blocking them from Divine flow.

-To receive signs or be pointed to the people who desire freedom, peace in their life.

  1. Peter please help me with getting to a place of calmness within my divine spirit. Help my soul feel the wholeness and freedom to be my authentic self around all individuals.

  2. Dearest Divine Creators please connect me with people who will enhance my divine spiritual self. Point me in the direction where such people exist to help me grow.

  3. Abba please protect me in all that I do today. Shield me from people who do not say their truth for I only want to hear the divine truth of others.

  4. Sige please connect me with the flow of the void the place where all creation was made to help me feel the wholeness I desire.

  5. All Four of you please help me with abundance of laughter, love, prosperity to be able to share with those that are not connected with you so that I may help them with their connection to better this planet to a state of Love.

I invite you to sit and write your own affirmations to these 4 Divine Creators to assist you in what you need in life or you are welcome to say these to help strengthen your connection.

If you would like help with your own Affirmation list, Contact Us and we can discuss what Affirmations are right for you!

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