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Could We Ever Have Heaven on Earth?

Heaven is made up of only Divine Energy. Could it be possible here on Earth to have only Divine Energy?

My feeling is that it could, however, I will not see it in my life time.

The Lord’s Prayer is asking for more Divine Energy to be present here on earth; however, I get the feeling that when we Pray and speak the Lord’s Prayer not everyone is understanding what they are asking for.

Thy kingdom come

Thy will be done

on earth as it is in heaven.

Thy will be done: I am only seeking God’s Will, I am only accepting God’s will. Thy will be done on this planet as it is in Heaven. I want to live through God’s Will because God knows best for us.

Please let Earth be God’s Kingdom as well as Heaven! That is what we are truly asking for.

In order to attain this Divine Energy around us, God has given all of us an Armor!

Our Armor is to keep his/her Divine Energy around us 24/7. He gave us a sword to fight the energy that is not divine. Do we fight or do we let this energy take over? When non-divine energy is continually around us we are not motivated or happy or joyful to keep going; with this God’s Will cannot show itself.

We need to “Let Go, Let God” even more then we do.

Letting war continue is letting the non-divine energy rule the planet. The more we fight with our human mind the more we let the non-divine get stronger and deeper which separates ourselves from our soul, the one part that is connected to God!

God is peace and love, however at times we have to fight the non-divine so that the Divine Energy flows.

Do we Fight the non-divine with our human ways? NO!

God have us an Armor called the Armor of God! God-Divine Energy, the only thing that can rid non-divine energy anywhere, anytime, all the time!

Archangels use their Armor and their swords to fight. The picture of Archangel Michael fighting the demons is well known. (Cannot find a free picture of this to show, google Archangel Michael)

God gave us all an Armor and a Sword to fight with, the same ability as the Archangels. The only difference is that the Archangels do not have non-divine energy around them; why, because they are aware of their Armor and use it continuously. They are helping us fight off the non-divine if we ask them to.

We believe we are separated from God when we come to Earth, we need to fight for the connection even more so and show the non-divine that they will not win! Divine Energy is what we need to live in all the time!

Want to live in Divine Energy all the time?

Activate your Armor of God!

That is the Gift God Bestowed on me, To Activate It!

Not give it to you, you already have it, but the ability to feel the Armor so you use it!

Go to my website fill out the request and ask for Activation of your Armor of God.

You will not be disappointed!

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