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Armor of God Update: Everyone has been activated

There has been a Global activation on everyone's armor.

Read below to understand the strength and protection that is now active.

This is R’s (client) response after Activation.

“When Cate said she was going to activate my God Armor I really wasn’t quite sure what she meant. The more she explained it the more I understood and accepted that this was probably the most wonderful things I could have. Once it was activated I felt differently on my shoulders and head and then my throat, Cate explained what all this meant and proceeded to tell me what my armor looked like, the more she talked the better and stronger I felt. I’ve never been one to understand the flow of energy around things but I can feel the energy flowing through my armor which is the coolest thing ever. I tried out the sword and went around my house trying it out, it felt great! The more I did the less fear I felt! I’m still getting the hang of my dagger and sword but to just know I’ve got divine energy with me has given me a feeling of peace and relaxation I’ve been lacking! I know God put Cate in my life path for a reason and I’m forever grateful for that!”

What does Activation mean?

Activation of the Armor of God is when I connect to your energy field and ask Father God to Activate your Armor of God that he gave you. Father God gifted me the ability to work with him to Activate our Armor here on Earth.

Why do I need it Activated since I already have it?

The Armor of God is on a different vibrational field. Once it is activated you will be able to feel the Armor. Our planet is on a different energy frequency that is much lower than our soul. Our soul knows of our Armor; however, since it is on a different vibration our human being has a hard time detecting it. Activation helps with bringing the Armor to a frequency that can be felt.

Once activated it can be reactivated by God if you ask him.


  • Complete Faith in God is required.

  • Father God gifted Armor to each of us to protect against the energies that fall from his grace.

  • The purpose of the Armor was for us to have a consistent flow of divine energy.

  • It was given at our soul’s birth; we are never without it.

  • It resides in an unseen vibration; St. Paul was able to see it and spoke of it in Ephesians.

  • Activation of the Armor allows for the vibration of the Armor to be felt on this planet.

Elements of the Armor

Helmet of Salvation:

  • Good & Evil (light & dark) is seen.

  • Protects the 3rd eye and temples.

  • Protects our connection with God

Shield of Faith:

  • Our trust and loyalty to God is kept.

  • Shields us from the non-divine energies.

Breastplate of Righteousness:

  • Spiritual, worthy & deserving state of knowing is protected.

  • First 4 Chakra’s are protected

Belt of Truth:

  • Intention that only truth is told surrounds our body.


  • Grounds our energy to Mother Earth; our awareness is heightened.

  • Walking in calmness; peace is achieved.

  • Love and unity are present.

Sword of the Spirit:

  • God’s light emanates from the sword to fight the dark energies.

  • Offense piece of the Armor.

With the recognition of our Armor, we become empowered and focused and aligned with the Divine Will of God. A person’s energy field is flowing at a steady rate and flows from head to toe and back in a circular motion.

The awareness of God is felt with the activation; this awareness helps with the strengthening of one’s faith with God.

Be aware the more you use your sword the stronger the Armor and you become.

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