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Ghosts of Shepherdstown, WV What a night!

Friday night, I decided to stay in tonight. Nothing worth watching on TV, however, kept surfing the channels. Destination America channel had a marathon show called Ghosts of Shepherdstown. Apparently this town in West Virginia is one of the oldest towns in the United States. This town was being “invaded” by souls that were stuck on the earth plane for one reason or another. There were multiple calls to the police department for help. Sgt. Michael King, Chief of Police, took an innovative way to help solve the 911 calls by calling in a paranormal Investigation team. I get it bring in equipment to validate that there is paranormal activity, and bring in a medium to hear what the souls have to say. The biggest problem I saw on this show was that no one was releasing the spirits. They saw and heard the spirits; however, they were not releasing the spirits from the town. I usually do not watch shows about paranormal activity, however I was feeling pulled to watch this one. If I can help or get information from a show, it is shown to me multiple times. I flipped past this channel several times due to the fact when I watch these shows I am connected into the energy. What happens when I connect is that I am then known to the spirits. These spirits were very upset and angry I was there. I only heard, “You think you can get rid of us?” and then a ton of negativity energy hit me. I immediately sent over all the Archangels with their armies to clear the town and called in Archangel Uriel to assist those that did not want to go to the Divine. I asked Father God to shine His light over the town so that the souls could go home.

The Archangels were busy all night long.

After waking up the next morning, I felt that the town was lighter which means that a large amount of negative energy had been released.

There should be a lot less calls to the police department in Shepherdstown, WV. Cate 7/30

To understand the difference between Divine Energy and Non-Divine Energy read my first book, “Just Cross Them Over”.

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