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Happiness! Let's All Sleep Well!

I saw a commercial today about changing the scent in the air with essential oil and I thought to myself would the aroma change how people felt. The aroma of lavender does help people relax so yes; aromas do change how people feel. Then I thought about the technique of smudging with sage which does help with changing the emotional energy in the room. Then the thought of a spirit in a home came to mind and smudging and putting essential oil in the air does nothing to release a spirit from this realm. With changing the smell and the emotional state of a room a spirit (entity, ghost, demon) could decide to depart, however the release of a spirit completely takes other techniques.

There are many people on this planet who have nightmares, night terrors and do not sleep well at night. Lack of sleep contributes to many physical and mental problems. Non-divine energy contributes to not sleeping well.

I have had clients with kids with night terrors and they have not had a good night sleep in years. I have had other clients which have had relatives around them for months or years, and all of them have had some form of poor sleep patterns. Once I completely released the spirit, demonic entity from my clients the response is, “Thank you I haven’t slept that good in years! I can think clearly and make decisions and function again.”

The question is, do we just keep smudging the emotional energy and change the scent in the air or do we become warriors for only divine energy on this planet and start releasing the planet of this non-divine energy.

Would crossing over the non-divine beings that are hanging around on this planet help with all the issues that we see happening? Wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing to find out!

Read my book Understanding Divine Energy (find the link on my website)

Say the prayers in the book everyday and see what changes happen for you.

Read my website and give a cleansing a try and experience the difference on how you sleep, feel and think.

We all have our part to help this loving planet survive.




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