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Divine Mission, What is yours?

I have decided to surrender my ego (the part of me that brings doubt, fear, anxiety and the constant “I’m not good enough” feeling) over to Mother and Father God every day. I have found that more and more people open up to me when my ego is not present. The Divine Energy is flowing around me and my belief is that people feel safe and secure to share their thoughts and feelings. I find myself sharing my gifts more and helping people with their ego and the non-divine energy around them (i.e. lost souls, spirits of family member that have passed). It brings me joy and keeps me Feeling Fantastic. (Wrote a book about this, it is on my website).

Soon it will be Easter. Jesus came back to tell us that he had completed his Divine Mission and that the people on earth are no longer seen in God’s eyes as sinners. My Divine Mission is to bring people closer to Mother and Father God so that everyone can feel their Divine Energy flow through them and to help the non-divine energy leave the planet. Last night, I received a divine message saying “We didn’t mean for you to do this mission one person at a time.” My fear has kept me helping one person at a time. The thought of teaching a class and speaking in front of groups is very intimidating. However I must say that receiving the message last night, I have come to realize that my mission is on a larger scale. Jesus had a large scale Divine Mission. He faced his mission head on. His ego was not a part of his decision to die for us; he did it. He knew that Mother and Father God loved him fully; he knew in his heart that great things were going to come from his passing on that cross. We celebrate when he came back and told us that we are saved, that we on this planet earth are not looked at anymore as human beings that God has to worry about. Mother and Father God told Jesus, the people on earth are not in Sin anymore.

If Jesus did not complete his Divine Mission where would we be? I am so grateful he completed his Divine Mission and that he felt One with God to complete it. Jesus did not let his fear come into play with his mission and with that we all have a Divine Mission to fulfill. I need to let go of the fear of teaching what I know and develop a class on Divine Energy and the importance of being in the Divine Energy flow continually. The more we talk with God, the more we become One with God which helps us hear what our Divine Mission is that we need to complete.

Why do some religions keep telling us as we are sinners? Fear is a control mechanism to keep us wondering if we are in good standing with God. Please remember Jesus completed his Divine Mission, we have everlasting life with God, world without end! Thus making us One with God.

Live every day, every moment as you are Divinely Loved and stop wondering if Mother and Father God are loving you because They do! If we all start working on our Divine Mission, this planet would be a completely different place! Let Go (fear), Let God!


Cate B.

PS Ironically, I just ran into a lady that said “If you are going to Church, pray for us sinners!”

Great timing God! Thank you for confirming what people need to hear!

Cherry Blossom Tree: Google the meaning!

Cherry Blossom Tree: Google the Meaning!


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