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Day of the Dead, Not My Favorite!

The veil between the physical and the spiritual world is becoming thin. Energy that is living without a physical body on the planet (spirits, lost souls) is really affecting people that are alive. A spirit and a living human being have very different energy frequencies. These two frequencies do not survive together.

The Day of the Dead where spirits are called back to be with their families is not a great day for me. Yesterday I kept yawning and even after I ate and felt a little better, I still was not my happy self. There were too many frequencies that I was detecting all day long making me very tired and unbalanced.

Energy is what this whole planet is made up of. If you are not aligned to the frequencies around you than your physical body does not respond well.

When your physical body is affected by other frequencies than your mental and emotional state are also compromised. All types of aliments show themselves when a person is not operating in their ultimate vibration.

Something also to remember, one can be connected to the high divine power and yet still look like hell because their surroundings are not matching with their ultimate vibration. A human body is constantly trying to align with the energy frequencies around it. Listen to your body and how you feel! An unbalanced body can start problems that can be hard to correct.

My yawning at work was a sign that a lot of spirits were hanging around me yesterday. In my town the Day of the Dead is celebrated more than Halloween, and for a person sensitive to all frequencies yesterday was not a fun day!

I was happy to get home and be in my own energy.

If you are sensitive to energies and you do not feel yourself, let me help you get back to your ultimate vibration and educate you on what frequencies are causing you to be unbalanced.

Go to the Contact Page and Reach Out!

There is no charge to discover why you are not at your ultimate vibration.

Blessings and To All the spirits that came to visit please go to the divine light where you belong!


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