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Leap! Passion! Heart!

I have not blogged in some time.

There are two things that keep occurring in my morning card readings, take a Leap of Faith and Dive Into the life that my heart is calling.

For some time, my heart and my soul are saying that I need to be a leader, a teacher, a healer of healers and over and over my Ego says you need to pay bills and keep a roof over your head. My Ego has been winning the battle that is happening within me. I want to take the Leap and Dive into the passion work. God has a plan for me; however, if I never Leap I will never Dive in!

Recently, a man that I completely respect has been asked to leave his position and a battle in my head took over for hours the other night. I finally got up out of bed and asked my spirit guide to help me stop the battle. Stop the harsh words I would say to their leadership. Once I asked my spirit guide to stop the battle so that I could get rest. I slept like a baby. When I awoke, I thought “Truth Wins!” The truth that is not being seen will be soon and I don’t have to do anything. God has a way, a plan set into place to help my friend that was treated badly come out on top. I bring up this story because my mind had me racing for hours and once I asked for Divine Spiritual help the battle was over; ego lost and I slept.

Another card Spiritual Abundance comes up as well. This does not mean money, it could be; however, it could also mean meeting a partner that completes me. It could be living as a spiritual leader, teacher, or healer of healers. Ego is not apart of spiritual abundance and will never have a place.

Love is the ultimate reward in this life. And when I mean love I mean Living a Life of Valor Eternal, peaceful and content.

There are many individuals in this world that believe they are in a place of power, when actually they are living in a place of force. Once an individual is empowered it is very hard to throw them of their throne, game. It is very easy to use force to get what you want, however the consequences in the long run are not worth the effort. Empowerment uses the heart while force uses the mind!

I guess what I am really wanting people to do is for a moment have only Divine Energy to be with them and ask the question: Are you living through you heart or your mind?

I just bought a movie for my granddaughter that showed her through practice and persistence (another card shown to me recently) she could be great at anything she put her effort into. It also was said that one most Leap before they can Fly and that Passion that lives in your heart wins over someone with no passion. The movie name is Leap is you care to watch it.

To sum this blog up: I too need to spend more time with my heart then my mind!


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