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Moses Code

Two weeks ago, I saw a show on the Moses Code.

I was intrigued and excited on what I was about to learn.

Some months ago, I figured out that Love was an acronym, Life of Valor Eternal (Another Blog). I would have never guessed the show was to tell us that GOD was an acronym as well.

In the show, a group of people explain that G was for Giving. The Giving and Receiving of energy. We Give of our self and Receive abundance in many different forms all of which come from Divine Source. The more one Gives the more one Receives. That resonated with me to be truth. I have been told by my spiritual guides that the more you give freely the more you will receive in ways you would never expect.

“O” in God is explained in the show to mean Oneness. We are all one, all interconnected with each other. I agree with this; however, the resonating energy of truth of what “O” meant was not there for me. I kept watching and agreed 100% on what they were saying about all of us being connected, that there is no time. I have said that for a long time, there is NO time. I could not see fault with what they were explaining however, it still was not resonating like “Give”.

The Three Letter “D” the show said it was Destiny. As soon as they said Destiny, I felt a strong feeling that this was off. Give was a strong “Yes”, Oneness was told in truth however, it felt off. The third, Destiny was a “No, this is not correct.

With these feeling that I had, I sat and I meditated and I asked, “What does GOD really stand for? The answer I received was: Give, Obey and Divinity. That resonated on a very high level and a strong feeling of complete truth.

Moses said to honor Father and Mother. As we hear that we think of our biological parents, he wrote in the 10 commandments, honor and respect them and in order to do that we need to Obey what they say. The parents that Moses should have conveyed to us was our Divine Source Parents, Divine Mother and Divine Father. I channeled "If you Obey and do what We ask of you, then you will experience a simple, happy life with all the unconditional love one needs to succeed on this planet."

Jesus was told my Mother and Father to spread the Word and he did so in a calm manner, not in a “in your face” kind of way. His sermons spoke of how much our Parents adored us. He also taught if you believed with your whole heart in our Divine Source Parents that one would feel free and protected. Yeshua (Jesus) Obeyed what he was told to go do and for that he ascended and his seated next to Father God in Heaven.

Let’s look at the third Letter in God, the letter D. In the show they say it is Destiny. This word to me felt more like Man created this word than Divine Source. When I asked and heard Divinity, the resonated energy was very high, very light and put me at ease. Destiny had a very heavy feel to it. Although destiny has fate with in it and fate comes from Divine Source, it just didn’t cut it for me. Divinity, the state of being divine, spoke to me.

Yes! Divinity has been the message to me for so long, “stay in the state of Divine”. The discernment of Divine and Non-Divine Energy as been a strong message to me and to share that message to everyone is what I am meant to do.

Yes, there is Destiny there is no doubt in my mind that it exists. However, to have destiny work you need to be in our Divine Source Parents Energy to do it. Divinity comes first, then destiny happens. We must let go of control and obey and give of our selves in order for destiny to occur.

My mission that I received was to pass on that there is a fight going on with Non-Divine Energy on this planet and the way we win the fight it is to stay in Divine Energy.

Our source self, our soul is created from only Divine Energy,

GOD as an Acronym ..Simply Amazing!

Give of yourself, Serve

Obey what Divine Source Says

Divinity, Stay in a Divine State!

Contact me if you are having issues with Non-Divine Energy and we can fight together!!!

Contact me through my website @

We are never alone in this fight and you can experience what I have!

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