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Time for Action

I have talked a lot about Faith; however, not about trust. Trust in Mother/Father God is the next step passed faith. You believe that They are there, however we keep the control. Our human mind fights us about our faith enough that we do not advance to Trust and with that trust the next step is Action.

I myself am fighting action. I hear Them loud and clear these days. It is great to be able to hear as well as I do. However, my actions are not in the right direction. I continue to drive to a place of work that does me no favors on progressing on my spiritual journey. In fact it keeps me occupied in the wrong direction.

My oracle card readings have told me it is time again to take the Leap of Faith and become the Spiritual Teacher that I can be. I have been able to manifest things very quickly, however still I go to work every day to a place where I am frustrated by people, by their lies and their lack of action. Interesting now I say, “lack of action.” I too am at fault with lack of action. And the action is directed by Mother/Father God. How selfish am I to think that my lack of action is seen as not as important as the lack of action that people around me are doing.

I was told last night by a gentleman that I enlighten him. We talked about Fear, Worry and Lack of Action that we are partaking in. Here I thought it was only for him to hear. Silly me, God had me say those words for me as well.

We can sit and watch TV or we can get up and make our own story. I am of age that if I don’t start living my own story, I will die regretting how much time I wasted watching other people’s story.

I just read about how long it takes to change a habit. There is something called the 21/90 rule. 21 straight days to do a habit over and over, then it takes another 90 days of straight doing it to become a habit. Interesting!

I work at my spiritual healing only on weekends, it is not consistent enough to be a habit. Work on the other hand is 5 days straight. Getting up taking a shower and getting in the car is a habit I been doing it for 7 years straight now. I just do it.

I have to blog and write for 21 days and then keep going for 90 days after that. Already I feel better about teaching what I know to others just knowing I have to keep doing it daily!

If you are stuck and have not acted recently, check out my page Steps to Bliss. Let me help you become enlighten about your next steps!

Peace Out!

My mother’s new saying after seeing us!

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