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Faith of Divine Energy


There are many divine beings that one can call on for help to develop your belief (faith). Of course, there is Mother and Father God; however, if you don’t have a relationship with them it is very hard to feel them around. I developed a strong relationship with the Archangels first; they can help in so many ways and are here close to us so that we can experience divine energy through them. They can protect, clear negative energy, send loving energy to whomever, and strengthen your soul so that you can hear it. The Archangels are the first souls that Mother and Father God created. They were born in pairs, I believe we were all born in pairs, that is where we get the terminology soulmate. There are also twin flames that I believe have very similar qualities maybe even purposes. I personally feel my soulmate is not down here on this planet, he is up close to God helping me to obtain my life purpose here on this planet.There are other Divine Beings that we can call upon like Jesua Ben Joseph (Jesus), Buddha. This list of Divine Beings is enormous. With my experience I have come to realize that if I ask for a Divine Being to help the Right One does come and help. No need to know names, I believe that the ones that are on the Spiritual Side know All and we over think it. We don’t know Mother and Fathers Divine Plan for us to get where we are going; however, I believe the Divine Beings do. If we trust in the Divine, we will receive and have all that we need when we need it. We have free will; however, your soul is the one that should me in charge. If you can not hear what your soul has to say, that means you don’t have enough Divine Energy in and through you.

The most asked question is how do have so much Faith. It takes practice, patience and continually asking for Divine Energy to be around me and for me to not Doubt at all what I am asking for.

There are many Divine Beings that can come hang out with you. You just ask like you ask your friends to hang out. Call out to them! No need to know names you can say:

“Any and all Divine beings that can help me hear my soul please come to me and surround me in Divine Energy”

You will feel what you need for the day; it could be Courage, Strength, Love, Laughter.

I heard a service yesterday and the minister put it very well. Day by Day (song) we need to put God first and foremost. Ask to See thee more Clearly, Love thee more dearly, Follow thee more nearly Day by Day! Thee is God, and your Soul that comes from God. If we lived in our Divine Soul we would have Heaven on Earth (another Blog of mine).

I believe that people feel the need that the more in control that they feel the more peace they have. I stress out when I try to control outcomes, behaviors, and time. When I give this all to God (Divine Energy), time flys, the outcomes are not as bad as I would have thought it would be and the behaviors change.

Lord’s prayer:

For thine is the kingdom, The power, and the glory, For ever and ever. Divine Energy, God and all the Divine Beings are in the Kingdom and have the power and the glory so let them do the work.

I Armored a man with his Armor of God this past weekend and he has his own divine followers. Power Divine Beings that have a gentle feel however the most powerful I felt around one single man.

To feel more Divine Energy around you and hear your SOUL: contact me to Activate your Armor of God.

Type in the Subject “Armor of God” and receive a 25% Discount!

God Bless Every One of Us!


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