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Soul vs. Human Thought

Had a woman call up and tell me she hasn’t slept for 2 years because her 4-year-old son could not sleep he would wake up screaming, and kicking. Mainly screaming NO!

I cleared the home, all the family members and put protection around her 4-year-old son. That worked for only 2 nights. The third night, he woke up screaming, kicking and yelling NO!

I had to take a closer look at the boy’s soul. Not the 4-year-old, the soul of the 4-year-old. Turns out this boy’s soul was not a boy, he was a grown man, a warrior who fights negative beings. Not on this planet, the soul would open portals to fight. Different portals every time. Dark beings from other dimension’s, realms would come and he fought them every night.

When I asked for protection the first night the Archangels showed up and protected for a couple days and the third night the boy’s soul said, “I got this, you may leave!” So, they did, they left, they listened to the soul. They knew the soul could handle it on his own. The issue is the boy is not connected with his soul. His conscious mind does not know who is soul is. The boy could see the portals and the dark beings with his own eyes. This boy was scared so badly he was kicking and yelling no. Mind you the soul was not in control when the boy is awake.

The fourth day when the mother called and said they are back, I had no glue what was going on. However, I asked the Archangels what was happening. Why did they not protect? And the answer I got  “he is a power warrior he can handle what he opens up. We listen to the soul not the boy. Why would we listen to human thought? The soul is what is connected to God.”

I kindly told the Archangels that here on the planet we are only partial if at all connected to our soul. And that we forget who we are when we are on this planet and because of this they could not listen to our soul of this little boy that they must listen to the human. The Archangels were surprised that we did not know our soul. They said “you figured out who you are” which is true I do know who I am on the soul level and that is why I can do the things I can do.

Since the Archangels have listen to the boy for protection, boy has slept for months. At times he will have a bad night because he has picked up dark beings at school, however his soul is not opening portals any longer. I have asked the Archangels to close any portals that the soul as opened, and they have. The boy prays every night for protection and thanks God every night for that protection.

We are told that we are powerful beyond measure. What it should say is that our soul is powerful beyond measure and if we can live through our soul and not our human thought we can move mountains.

If the boy knew his soul and trust his soul 100%, he would see these dark beings and let his soul fight them. He would feel empowered and not fear what he saw.


Knowing the light (soul) within us. Trusting that soul is connected 100% to an all loving God. A God that gives us power to shine his/her light through us. A God that listens and hears and gives us what we ask for. Our soul knows this. Our human mind struggles in belief of this. When we finally surrender and ask and listen to what God says and we do what God says we feel alive, joy and a sense of peace. When we don’t we are frustrated, anger sets in, fear, lack of abundance is present.

Archangels listen to our soul. When we ask with our human awake being with assistance they do listen, however the human needs to trust and not doubt what is heard, and what is going to be given. And when it will be given.  

Our soul is powerful and very healthy. When we get off the path of God we become unhealthy because we are further away from our soul.  


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