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Sweet Signs

It is Sunday once again. Time to reflect on the past week. Take in what worked and didn't work to keep you in your happy state of being. 

Time to reflect on what signs where given to you from heaven. 

A rainbow was a sign that God gave to Noah promising never to flood the Earth. And ever time Noah saw a rainbow he knew God was there keeping His promise.

God gives us clues and directions to keep us on God's path. 


Street Signs 


Do you look at the clock at the same time of the day? Do see the same numbers else where?

I see my birthday 8/21 all the time. I seem to always catch when it is 8:21 and this past week my breakfast cost 8.21. Is God saying that on 8/21 there will be a shift so that I stay on Her mission. I also see 11:11!

Street Signs

When I was seeing someone a long time ago I would see his name on street signs,  shops signs or on TV. It just wasn't one boyfriend it was a couple of them. What was God reminding me of? Don't repeat the past keep moving forward? Remember the good times release the bad? I do remember the love I had for them and their lack of love to me. Then this always hits me, only God's love is the only real love. 

Last week I was driving in a town out of state and I came across the same street name my grandparents lived on. I smiled and felt the love they had for me. That moment took me a happy place; I felt more at peace. 

Watch for your signs from above, if you see them more than 3 times what is God trying to tell you?

Be silent and Ask (A), Believe (B) and Celebrate (C) God's Answer. 



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