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Reiki- Be in Control of the Energy Flowing

Last week I added my profile to Thumbtack (app) to try to obtain more clients. My categories that I picked were, Life Coach, Reiki Lessons, Reiki Sessions, and Alternative Healing. I am not certified as a Life Coach; however, I do believe I can give enough insight for people about their career and life style to help them. I received 5 responses for Life Coach and I paid for credits to quote them, however was not chosen. Since I am not certified, I deleted that from my category. I did however receive a hit for Reiki Lessons and was very thrilled. I am a Reiki Master and can attune people to Reiki that is one of my gifts on this planet. I called the gal wanting the attunement and explained how important it is to know actually what you channeling. The intent is to only channel DIVINE ENERGY. This however is not taught in Reiki, it is assumed. The gal told me that the other teachers did not express the discernment of energy to her. This lack of discernment has always hit a cord with me. My early days of Reiki I was not in tune as to what energy was being channeled, that has all changed with my years of working with energies. The last time I attended a Reiki circle I saw the energy coming through people and because the intent was not spoken, I asked for it for everyone in the circle, in my mind’s eye. At the end of the circle the practitioners were thrilled of how they felt after that circle, even though some were only channeling a very thin flow of DIVINE ENERGY.

The point this is-If you have energy work done, please for your DIVINE WELL BEING say in your mind, ONLY DIVINE ENERGY is allowed to flow into me. Then you know for sure you are only receiving Divine Energy to you. In the Reiki Community it is only assumed that it is DIVINE, however if you talk to your practitioner very rarely do they believe in God, Divine Mother and Father. They believe in the Universal life force (which can be Non-DIVINE and DIVINE Energy on this planet).

If more people put the intent for only Divine Energy flow when Reiki is performed, Reiki would have a better reputation. Be in control; only God and you know what you need to heal and succeed.

Reiki practitioners only channel!

God Bless!

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