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I have been traveling lately and have come across people that have needed my help, both living people and people that have passed on. I have noticed how many people don't understand that this planet is an energy planet. People are energy in a human body, everything on this planet is made up of energy. I met a man at breakfast the other day that told me that he woke up not understanding why until his phone rang just moments after. His daughter was on the line needing to vent and needing her father's understanding ear. The man told me that his phone never wakes him up; however, he woke up moments before it rang. I said cool your intuition is in full force, you are in the flow. He smiled and said I have been in the flow for awhile and never felt better and happier and more at peace then I am right now. He must of been in his 60's, however, he looked better than people in their 40's. I felt blessed to see that men can be in the Divine Flow Energy Flow of life. I was beginning to wonder if men were in this flow and God showed me that yes, in fact, men can be in the flow as well as women. You may be saying to yourself, "Of Course Men are with God as much as Women", however for me I see more women than men and I was wondering... God answered my wonderment and showed me a nice man that is in the flow. It was refreshing and reassuring to see. God put me in a place of peace and I was grateful for that. When you are at peace and at peace within yourself, the more you can see God working to create that peaceful place for you to live in.

Seeing people in distress in my travels as made me realize that my gift can help people become at peace. Flowing Divine Energy and being a Channel for Divine Energy is a gift. We all can Channel this energy if we allow, however, because of lack of Education that we are all Divine Energy Beings who have the ability to Channel Divine Energy many people do not seek out this gift. Every one of us has a gift to share. What is your gift? How do you help bring peace to this world?

The more balanced you are and the more you flow Divine Energy through you the easier you can see your gift.


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