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Just Cross Them Over!

My title says it all! To all the Mediums out in the world, yes I am talking to the people that can see spirits, Please for the LOVE of GOD, Cross Over the ones you see!

I saw Dead Files again last night, it was a repeat. Concrete, WA, a couple was living in an area that the Native Americans didn't even live in; they felt the evil of the land. In this episode, the wife was dying from a spirit that was so close to her she was becoming her. I have seen this before. The person takes on the spirit energy, they start becoming him/her. I was sick to my stomach when the Dead File's Medium said you must leave the land to survive. The husband looked at the Dead File's team and said straight out "We are staying, we can't afford to move"

The first 5 minutes or so the Medium of the show called the woman spirit a "chick". I felt tinkling to my right side of my body and heard, "She called me a chick!" This woman spirit was killed by two men, she felt so disrespected by this Medium. I felt her sadness and confusion. She really didn't understand why she was killed.

I apologized to the woman spirit who was murdered for this Medium's behavior and said, "Honey it is time to go to Heaven!" I have to say to disrespect the dead is just wrong! Just like the living, there is no reason to Judge!

I Crossed Over the woman spirit to heaven! I then continued to get hits on the land on why this place was not a good spot to live. I found a portal of energy so evil that it would make anyone sick. I asked Archangel Michael and Archangel Remiel to close the portal and put protection around the portal so it no longer would let evil into the world. I asked Archangel Metetron to fix the people's chakras and triangles that lived in the house, along with asking Father God to make sure they were vibrating at their divine level. After I did this, I could breathe again and felt a sense of relief.

I wrote "Just Cross Them Over", a book that says why the dead can not live with the living. It's all about vibration. We are spirits in human form. When one dies their human body is no longer needed, the spirit, soul, lives on. The spirit has it's own energy vibration. The living beings are trying to match the vibration around them. If the energy around them is a spirit, the living takes on that vibration; however, then living being becomes sick even death may happen. In the Dead Files episode the lady that was being attacked told her husband, "I told you, I told you, I told you, I'm dying."

Plain and simple, Mediums that can see the dead should Cross Them Over! For the sake of the health of the living and the health of the planet, the dead no long belongs here on this realm!

If you have a problem in your home and feel like you are living with a person that has passed, send me a message and I will be glad to help!!!

Love and Respect to the Dead and the Living!!!

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