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Distance Clearing Stories by Catieb

I have a few clients that ask me to distance clear around them. One lets me know every week when she is done with her work week, and another asks when ever her husband is under distress. It seems like every time there is different non-divine energy around them, usually entities that are either lost souls or pure evil beings that my spirit guides completely protect me from. I am fine with not knowing completely what I am dealing with since I know that the spiritual fight that is going on is far worse than I know. The interesting part is that the people that are connected with their spiritual bodies get attacked far more than the people not connected. I have been attacked myself multiple times. Some say the more you fight back the more they will attack. I have dealt with others who will not fight back at all and turn their head from what they “see”. I have fought and with fighting I have become stronger in my faith that God is with me. With every entity, dark being, I have fought it has made my doubt in Him go away. I am not afraid of dark beings and in fact have gotten very good with clearing them where ever they are. It makes me very happy to help those that ask for my help. My clients are very grateful that I have such a gift. My dream is that others will want to experience my gift.

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