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Experiencing any of

these Symptoms??

  • Depression

  • Addiction

  • Hopeless

  • Restless Sleep

  • Cloudy Mind

  • Poor Eyesight

  • Anger

  • PTSD

  • Sleep deprivation

  • Over Eating

  • No Appetite

  • Anxiety 

  • Poor Health

  • Medications  are not helping

Divine Energetic Healing

1 Hour Session 

This treatment contains 20 minutes of channeling Divine Energy to balance Energy bodies within a person and clear any blocks that are present including Ancestry blocks dating back centuries.

New Chakras are placed along with a new Energetic body suit.  

  •  Root issues are revealed

  • Children trauma revealed

  • Cords are released and explained 


Tips are welcomed

No need to spend $$$$ and hours talking to understand deep issues that need to be released.


Energetic issues are not resolved by talking, Non-Divine, Negative Energy needs to be released by a professional!   


One session could be all that is needed to feel hopeful and happy!


After Session Results:

Solid Nights Sleep - dream state returns


Clear mind

Physical Flexibility 

Emotional Stabilization 

Non-Divine Energy Examples

Ancestry Curses/ ill-intentions

Deceased relatives

Deceased people

Demonic Entities 

Distance Divine Reiki Healing

This treatment is done remotely and performed at night unless the person has a reason to stay up at night.


Receives 4 sessions consecutively 

Cost $175



Cleansing is neutralizing and removing all negative/non-divine energy from your home, office or a person. 

*Within the Tucson and Surrounding Area: $150

*Outside of the Tucson and Surrounding Area: Appropriate       Travel expenses will be added to the cost.

Available remotely!! 

"Armor of God" Activation 

Be empowered to heal yourself and Fight off Negative Energy!!


Available Remotely 

Cost of sessions can be made in payments!  

Cash, Venmo @Cate-Brandt, Zelle

Pay by Mail:

Send Check or Money Order to:

Cate Brandt

PO Box 89998, Tucson, AZ 85752

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The New "NOW" Technique
Stay in the present time! This new Technique that was given to me by Divine Mother
God to Release History and Future thoughts and energy that keeps Stress and Anxiety in your aura.

Available remotely 


Feel more grounded then ever! 

Manifesting happens in the NOW!
Feel more focused and centered!


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