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Learn How to Manage & Connect with Divine Energy

Experience the Power of Energetic Healing

Unlock the transformative potential of energetic healing and immerse yourself in its profound effects.

A Holistic Way To Improving Your Health

Discover the revitalizing journey with Divine Energy, where holistic practices seamlessly merge with modern wellness techniques. Embrace a path to enhanced health and vitality as you tap into the transformative power of energetic healing.


Within Tucson Area:

In Person - $150

 Remotely - $150

Neutralizing and removing all

negative/non-divine energy from your home,

office or individual 

Divine Reiki Healing

4 sessions - $175

This treatment is done remotely and performed at night unless requested otherwise 

the Now Technique

Within Tucson Area: 125

 Remotely - $85

Stay in the present time! This Technique transforms one's life.

Finally, stay grounded, focused, and have the ability to Discern.

Release History and Future thoughts and energy that hold Stress and Anxiety in your aura.  

Cleansing of Property

Cate Brandt was invited into our home to clear the house and property of the negative energies we felt around us. As Cate walked around the house, I could hear her coughing while going from room to room. On walking the property, she cleared the barn, which at times, felt depressive and uncomfortable.

Thankfully the house, barn, and property have been transformed

into a peaceful and positive place to live

MKP Tucson, AZ

Divine Energy Sticker

An innovative solution for structuring beverages that create more energy within one's body and enhancing one's surroundings creating amazing synchronicities. With this continuous outflow of divine energy, experience the endless benefits. 

How To use

Simply apply the waterproof sticker to your water container, cup, or wine vessel, and experience the transformative effects. Whether applying on pools, horse troughs, or fish tanks, the Divine ENergy Sticker elevates the energy vibration of your surroundings, promoting health and abundance. 

Reusable and dishwasher safe, these stickers are convenient and practical for everyday use. By watering plants with H3O2, you'll witness the flourishing growth of healthy fruits and vegetables. Embrace the benefits of the Divine Energy Sticker and unlock the potential of structured water. 

Book Section

Embarking on a transformative literary journey, author Cate Brandt unveils three profound works exploring the dynamic interplay between Divine and Non-Divine energies and the profound journey of connecting to the Divine on a daily basis.

Just Cross Them Over-Book.jpeg
Understanding Divine Energy-Book.jpg
Divine Souls Shift For a Divine Earth-Book.jpg
reiki divine energy.jpg

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