Connection with Divine Energy

The difference between Heaven and Earth is the Negative Mind Talk that creates negative emotion that we all  have; Ego!

Connection with The Divine Source is a step process that I have created.

What is Bliss?

A contentment state of being that one resides within us that creates a Life of Valor Eternal (LOVE)! 

We are all here to listen to our soul and do our soul work here on planet Earth to Save the Planet!

In order to hear our Soul, we must shut down our Ego so the Positive part of our Ego which makes us different from one another can be utilized.

We are all created from the same Divine Energy and we have to reside in this Energy the majority of our life to get to a State of Bliss. 


Happiness and utter joy are what our creators want for us to experience here on Earth.

The majority of our population are focus on the Negative Ego.

We are hearing more and more Balance is the key! Eating a balanced meal will keep you healthy. Enjoy one’s life while earning a living.

But truly what is a Balance State of Being?

We have two types of Energy: Divine and Non-Divine on this planet.

I believe our balance state is keeping our Negative Ego from running our life and let our soul be in control. Our soul is our main being that is housed in our human body. Our Bodies and our Soul are created from Divine Energy. When we can live through our soul, our purpose on this planet is shown to us. We were all brought here on the planet to save the planet. It may not seem that way; however, we are all created from the same Divine Energy source and how we evolve and live is individually decided.

Non-Divine energy creates blocks so that one’s soul is shut down, pushed aside which causes us not to be able to hear our soul.

The shut down of one’s soul causes anxiety, depression and physical illness.

When Non-Divine Energy is not released it takes a hold of one’s life and it creates havoc for the person and others around that person.

It could even be so powerful that one could take their own life. They do this to “release” the Non-Divine Energy.  

My soul’s purpose to help with the release process of Non-Divine Energy!  

To release the Non-Divine Energy and Ego that is controlling one’s life, I have created a step process.

One cannot take a pill to get to bliss.


Bliss is within us!


We need to let go of the negative belief systems and ailments that we have created to achieve a Life of Valor Eternal (LOVE)!

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